Finally fucked my mother in law

I'm Phil a 44 year old married guy,been with my wife 20 years,then there's my mother in law Cheryl! She's divorced now,probably about 8 years,she's a bit of a pain to be honest,always asking me to do odd jobs around her house! She asked me to fix a leak she had under the sink not so long back,she only lives around the corner from us so I popped up after work,an easy job turned into a nightmare! 2 hours later I'd finally finished! Clearly pissed off by now Cheryl could see by my face I wasn't happy!! Oh phill what would I do without you? There must be something I can do for you! It just came out! Cheryl's tits are huge,although she's in her late 60's she still a smart lady,blonde bobbed hair and only 5 ft tall! Just let me see those tits of yours!! Did I really say it out loud! I beg your pardon ! Did you say what I thought you said? Awkward moment!! Well Philip you've shocked me!! Im sorry Cheryl I said,you were joking though right? Em!! You weren't!! My boobs really!! Well they are pretty big Cheryl!! A quick flash then you perv!! Cheryl lifted her jumper revealing her massive tits 😍 oh my god they're even better than I thought,I just reached out and grabbed them!! Phil what are you doing said Cheryl! I couldn't help it sorry! With that she started groaning! That feels so nice,she lifted her jumper over her head and let me fondle her tits!!!! Of course,where did my hand wonder next?? I rubbed her pussy through her jeans ooh Phil stop we mustn't! I didn't stop,I undid the button and slipped my hand inside her knickers!!! Wow I knew she'd have a hairy cunt!!! I found her clit and rubbed it hard!! Her legs turned to jelly and I had to stop her from falling!! I lifted her onto the kitchen worktop and pulled her jeans and knickers off,there was my mother in law naked on the worktops right before my eyes!! My cock was bulging, what about lindsey we can't Phil! No one will ever know I said anyway look what you've done to me! She glanced at my cock oh my Phil!! I edged closer to her hairy mound and slammed my cock in Cheryl!! I've forgotten how good it feels she gasped!! I couldn't take my eyes off my cock sliding in and out of my mother in laws cunt!!! Let's go in the living room Cheryl whispered,she jumped off the worktop and hurried to the living room with me in tow staring at her ass mmmm Cheryl rode me like a jockey on a horse!! I was trying to get a finger in her arsehole!! Do you do that to lindsey?? Acting all innocent!! What I said? Finger her bum!! I do more than that to her Cheryl!!! You don't put it in her bum do you? Your daughter loves it up her ass Cheryl!! She must follow her mother then!! Jackpot!! Its been a while since anything has been up there mind so take your time with that thing!! Oh I will I promise!! My 60 odd year old mother in law gets on all fours on the living room floor and tells me to fuck her in the ass!! Don't be a dream I thought!!! Fuck she was tight! But it wasn't long before she opened up.i started talking filthy to her saying her ass was nicer to fuck than her daughters!! To my surprise she looked back at me and said I bet there's not many men that can say they've fucked a mother and her daughter in their asses!! You dirty slut Cheryl turn on your back ,I put a cushion underneath her bum so I could get to her ass a bit easier,what a sight watching my cock fucking her hairy ass,I continued with the filthy talk!! Its just like fucking lindseys hairy cunt! Is she natural like me then Phil mmmmm yeah but not as hairy as you Cheryl!!! I've got a video of a guy fucking her in a hotel room!! What do you mean another guy? We met him for a threesome Cheryl!! You two are full of surprises! Here look! I handed her the phone and pressed play! I was doing my mother in laws arse and she was watching her daughter getting fucked by a stranger!! Keep watching Cheryl the best bit is coming,lindsey was getting dp'ed by me and our friend! Does it turn you on Cheryl??? Watching your daughter with a cock in both her holes!!! Mmmmm yeah it does the horny tart fuck me Phil fuck me harder yes yes yes! Do you think lindsey would like to see my cock in your Cheryl!!! I think that maybe to much,ill just video your bottom half she'll never know it's you! You kinky pair of bastards, cum in my arse Phil cmon fill me up! What a slut!! She had wads of my spunk up her hole mmmm what a woman

6 months ago

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    • Hot stuff! I did it with my mom for decades!

    • Hmm. I fix things around my MIL's house and all she does for me is cook.

    • My wife is chubby and sometimes when we go out she will flash to other guys. The guys love her flashing particularly when she takes off her knickers carrying on flashing. She has even been invited to go to one of the guys flat which ended up with her completely stripping. This in turn ended up with a full gangbang with me just watching which in itself is very exciting!

    • Full of shit

    • You really are.

    • Really nice MIL

    • Please write more about her hairy asshole . Did you rim it? Sniff it? Did she fart on your cock ?

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