Most would call my wife a slut

We are a late 50s couple who have tried most things in the last 15 years or so. It started with swapping with other couples and going to sex parties, but it didn't take long to learn that my wife didn't like me sticking my cock into other women and it upset her, so I gave that up to keep her happy, but she still wanted other men so we changed our lifestyle to give her as much cock and cum as she needed.
She had a hot juicy body in her 40s so on the days and nights we played I would shave her cunt smooth, dress her in slutwear, and take her to men to be used. Every month or so we went to glory holes, sex clubs, adult cinemas etc and guys would cum in her mouth, in her hungry cunt, and sometimes in her arse if she was drunk and horny. Over the years she has also had regular men who would call in while I was working, to drink and pump her full of cum. Most were friends of mine who didn't know that I knew they were using my wife as a slut and that avoided awkwardness, and both her and I loved our life.
Nowadays, she has lost her good looks, put on weight, and given up the boyfriends, but every now and then she puts on her slutwear and we drive to a known dogging spot after dark and she sucks off any man there who wants to cum in a slutwifes mouth, usually between 2 and 6, and we still both love it.

1 month ago

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    • After our children were grown and living on their own, I started talking to my wife about swapping with other couples our age, late forties. My wife said that she was willing to have sex with other men if I wanted her to but she really didn't want me to have sex with other women. I thought about it for a while and decided that thinking about watching my wife being fucked by other guys turned me on more than thinking about fucking other women. So I took her to an adult theater and we were the only couple there. Four guys quickly sat around us as the movie started. I had chosen the movie since was about one wife being fucked by several guys while her husband watched. My wife got horny watching the movie and I unbuttoned her shirt and pushed her skirt up around her waist. She was basically naked since she wasn't wearing any underwear. I put my hand between her legs and she was sloppy wet. I looked at the guy that was sitting beside her and told him to feel her up. He did and then I told him to fuck her. He quickly got between her legs and my wife guided him inside her. He came quickly and I told another guy to take his place. Five guys fucked my wife that evening and a couple of them helped me carry her out to the car since she was so wiped out she couldn't walk. We continued doing this weekly for the next two years and she was often fucked by the same guys but there were always a few new guys.

    • My wife and I had sex with another couple. She was happy to fuck the guy. But she definitely didn't like me fucking his wife. We talked about it after she told me that she was just to jealous to knowing that I was with another woman. I told her that I loved watching her getting fucked. She was okay with that. I was happy to let her fuck guys as long as she didn't lie to me about it. We have had a great sex life ever since. And I love how her pussy feels after she gets fucked. I know not everyone can handle a relationship like this but it works for us.

    • Lucky man

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