You can tell those your wife has fucked before your marriage?

Or at least I can.
Two people who have been intimate ....always give it away in the way they act around each other afterwards.
After a guy has had his mouth in your wife's crotch - and her's in his crotch....they just can't but give off the signals.
My wife had a couple dozen lovers before our marriage - and I can always tell when one is around at a social event. I don't hold it against her - unless she invites him to join us at our table at a company Xmas party. (she forgot she'd told me about him one night during our sex)
I got up and went for a smoke....and didn't come back until time for the drive home. She apologized. She appreciates the fact that I don't expect her to converse with a woman I've fucked.

1 month ago

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    • My wife and I went to high school together in a small town and still have summer cookouts with former HS classmates.
      I know my wife had sex with three of the guys 'back in the day'.
      However, I also had sex with their wives 'back in the day' too.

    • My wife always wanted me to cum on her tits, she would press her tits together the best she could and I would pull my dick out of her cum on and around her nipples, smear it around for a little while and then slam a big dildo in her and watch her lick the cum off her tits. always very good/

    • Mine has no shame -- she'll point them out to me if we meet them at a store. "There's Bob, my old Boyfriend -- Hi Bob -- meet my husband Bill." Bill is all red ~he knows I fucked her 100x~ ,,, I'm all red picturing them fucking at 18. And she like "OMG,, this is so cool, 2 guys I love." And both of us are like ~stfu -- say nice day, and move on to produce.~

    • When I was married we were swingers

    • Let the past be in the past!
      Back in high school, my wife Jen used to 'date' my best friend Carl. They were notorious for having sex everywhere and bragging about it.
      They got caught at 3 times having sex during school and on campus. Once in the locker room, once in an empty classroom and once in the car in the parking lot.
      Jen's parents made her abort their baby her junior year.
      Fast forward 3 years after high school, her and Carl broke up. He married a girl he worked with. Jen and I started dating, got married and have 2 kids.
      We see Carl and his wife a few times a year for cook outs. No one acts weird.

    • You're a bottom feeder that got his wife's pussy wrecked by his friend that's why you say it's ok and no one acts weird. Your friend is an alpha male that fucked your wife's pussy until it was useless then went on to find a newer tighter hole to cum in. The only bigger pussy than you is the one your wife has dangling

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