Having sex with best friend

I was home lone except family dog he was in the front room. I was getting out of the shower and heading to my bed room I thought I close the door but I guess it was open a inch or two Iwas on all fours looking for something in the closet and the dog must used his nose to get the door open and come in he started to lick my balls and penis I told him to stop and push him a way he came back and started to lick my balls and penis again this time he made me feel extremely horny and my penis extremely hard and then he must got horny also and he tried to fuck my anal I told him to stop but it was to late he already had his penis deeply inside of my anal was fucking me so much and hard he kept going until his cum ran out my anal .I was around 17 or 18 than. He had problems getting his penis out of my anal so I help him ps Jery

1 month ago


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    • Ive been fucked by a few dogs. One after another. I had to hold his legs until his hard on went down. Because there dicks swell up, like a huge bubble and it will rip your ass apart. But they cum a lot, dont they. I had 3 back to back, a black guy i was fucking let his 3 pits fuck me. That cum was squirting out of my ass. They cum so much. He also put peanut butter on my penis and balls and let them eat it off. Omg, they almost chewed my little penis and nuts right off my body. But it made the black king real horny, to watch them fight over fucking me. I had bit marks all over my nuts, on my penis and my taint. I also sucked a horses cock. I tried to let him fuck me but i got to violent. So i sucked it off. They cum like a gallon. I swallowed so much cum it made me feel like puking. Then i bent over for a pony. That pony mounted me, fucked me hard. Man that hurt. And blew all that cum in my ass. It was so much cum it was pouring out of me. And horses cum is super sticky.

    • I like to enjoy having a pony mount me and fuck me until his cum fills my anal up and running down my my legs ps jery

    • Sure you did, you canine copulating cutie !

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