Share my wifes Boob Pics

I want someone to share my wifes tit pics all over the net ,anyone up for that?

1 month ago

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    • I am I'll send some back

    • I super enjoy looking at "real" women And mens nude pics. Guess I'm somewhat if a voyeaur. Please trade with me!

    • I have This friend who I became recently close with. He is very hot, he is tall, muscular, good looking and all that. So one day I went to a park with him and he pulled me to a house and put me against the wall. He told me that he was gay, and I'm the only person he's told. He told me he likes me and asked if I was gay. He was holding me tight against the wall, and I told him I think I'm bi curious. (Actually was). He started makin out with me for a bit, and when we stopped, he laid back a bit and smiled. He leaned over to me and said "your mine now". He told me to meet him with a few of his friends tommorrow and we will do "much more" things. I told him I'm not too sure, and he aggressively looked at me and held me and said "your coming". So I did, and when I came there were 4 of his friends, quite big. When I walked in one of them held back my arms and my friend came over and started beating me up. He was carrying on and at first I thought it was a setup so he could just purely beat me for some reason, but then he said he only did that so I wouldn't resist. One of the guys put some lube on and fucked me so I would get used to it. Then anther guy fucked me after he was done and while I was getting fucked my friend made me suck his dick. This went on for a while, people just switching positions on me and I had to swallow a lot. Eventually everyone left accept for my friend who stayed with me. I was in a lot of pain from being fucked and also beaten up. I told him I didn't want anymore but he forced me up and down his dick. Sucking his dick was easy, jut swallowing and taking it up the ass is hard. After having a lot of sex we laid down with each other and made out. I like him as a boyfriend. He is just really sexy.

    • I'd like to offer th same for my wife.

    • My wife just lets them hang out, most of her clothing is very low cut, or loose, some with way oversize armholes. She has beautiful tits and likes to show them off, I like it also. She does not even own a bra, and her sunning suits come from a place called "Wicked Weasel."

    • Me to I'll send some of mine if interested

    • I'm in. Send and we start.

    • Hey if she's hot I'd love to spank the monkey while I check her out. But we don't send out pics anymore, sorry.

    • I would love to see your wife's pictures. I will send you some of my wife in return.

    • I love to do that for you


    • Would love to see them....

    • Post them to

    • Glad to do it for you

    • Sure

    • Y wife is tall and slim with small firm swollen breasts and as she's 8 months pregnant the sight of her really turns me on one night she allowed me to take some pictures of her naked frontal nudes at first then as she got used to it she let me take more intermate her on her back legs spread wide.
      Her on her back pulling her legs over her head. Showing her pussy streched open. On her hands and nees using her hands to pull her arse checks apart. Close ups of her smooth pussy. I promised never to let anyone see them...a get weeks later I was drinking with a good friend of ours and got a little to drunk and as we chatted about sex I got horny and before I knew what I had done I was showing him the big album of pictures I had taken that night.
      I don't think about what I was doing as showing him made me excited as my wife was in the kitchen at the time.
      I listened as he told me how fit she was and how he had in the past fanatised about her I could now clearly notice he had a solid stone on visible through his pants and was shocked to see him slid his hand down and slowly rub himself as I showed more pictures. He must of got so excited that at one moment he pulled it out from under his pants reviling a massively thick but short dick.

      More to revile as the story continues a lot more.

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