Wife shows panties to my buddies

One night after sex on the kitchen table I dared my wife to just leave her tiny sheer panties on the kitchen chair for my golfing buddy to see in the morning. I make coffee for us and then we head out for golf. She does not back down from most dares involving flirting! I thought this will be cute and give us something sexy to talk about when we made love. My best bud has seen her in her panties many times, over the years. But, I'd forgotten that all 3 of my buds were joining us for golf this day! Sure enough my young wife had laid her little yellow sheer bikini panties across the back of one chair. The fellows came in, sat down and each noticed the panties. Barry, the biggest flirt of the bunch was inspecting them as my wife came around the corner into the kitchen, wearing a lace nighty, slit way up to both sides, just barely long enough to cover her crotch and exposing all of her hips and a bit of her bum. . "Wow, I didn't know I was going to be putting on a show for all you guys! Barry, give me my panties!" She slipped them on and proceeded to give us all a show as she moved about and bent in the kitchen. One nipple began to work its way through the lace, which all but my wife noticed. Barry looked at my best friend and said, "does she always walk around like this?" My wife said, "Oh, Mark has seen me in my panties many times - it's no big deal to." (Mark just grinned) My wife always gives me a kiss for luck as I head out, and I always give her bum a nice squeeze at the same time. Mark gets the same. As we got ready to leave she said, "I guess you all will want my speacial 'good-bye'"? She stood on her tip-toes, put her arms around each man - exposing her pantied crotch and bum to those waiting in line, and gave each a kiss as they each gave her cute half-bare butt a nice squeeze. (she told me that night as we were making love that, "of course Barry put his tongue in my mouth and put both hands inside my panties for his squeeze!" (she also said she nearly called us back.....to help her deal with her super aroused state from being kissed and groped by 4 men!) I heard someone in the car say, "you lucky S.O.B.!"

1 month ago

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    • One of my husband's friends is a big flirt with me. I admit I LOVE the attention!
      I wear tight yoga capri or leggings around him because he will give my butt a nice compliments. He secretly said he can't see a panty line and asked if I wear panties when I do yoga? I blushed and said 'yes'. He said he didn't believe me so while my husband was in the garage, I pulled the side of my capri down enough to show him my G-string.
      Last week he'd come over and I snuck a pair of my cute lace panties in his coat pocket when he wasn't looking.
      I told my husband what I did and he said, "NICE"

    • The next step will be for the four of you to forget about playing golf and stay home with your wife. Let the others fuck your wife first because you will really enjoy fucking her sloppy wet cunt. Hopefully one or more of the guys will be thicker than you and they will stretch your wife's cunt out. Then when you fuck her she will be loose. Fucking your wife's loose sloppy cunt is fantastic. Ask me how I know.

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