Sex Slave 3

As I have said before, I have learned that I love sex, and I especially love sucking on dogs. My master has had me suck off so many dogs that I can't remember how many. Master has me dress in a sexy outfit and has me first tongue the dogs mouth. He likes me to really get dirty licking and tonguing the dogs mouth and he films me. He then has me play with the dogs cock and give it a handjob to get the dog hard. He then has me lick the dogs balls and put them in my mouth. He then orders me to start to suck on the dog cock with my mouth. As he films me, he orders me to really let the dog fuck my mouth. I love it when the dog is fucking my mouth, it makes me so horny. When the dog starts to cum, master has me pull my mouth away and films as the dog cums on my face and in my mouth. I love it when the dog cums on me and in my mouth. I will do anything and I mean any thing to let a dog cum on my face and in my mouth.

1 month ago

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    • Post Videos then send link to I will return some.

    • That is so fucking hot wish I had a master like that to film me doing what⁸ever he wants

    • You would love it. I get really turned on when my master commands me to do naughty things. I love it when he films me and then posts it on the internet and he makes me watch the video.

    • Jerrybob1221@yahoo. Com please send me pictures of all that dog cum in your pussy

    • Glad to be hearing from you again. Would definitely like to hear more

    • Thank you!

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