Who here loves eating ass

I absolutely love eating ass HOWEVER my Wife doesn’t want me touching her ass at all. She’ll happily 69 but always warns me not to lick her ass as she doesn’t like it. I would absolutely go to to town on her asshole if she’d let me but always respect her wishes and leave it alone. Having it just there though just within reach is so annoying.

I’d absolutely love her to eat my ass too but don’t know how to ask. She’ll happily finger my ass but that’s it. I’m guessing that as she doesn’t like me touching hers, she won’t want to eat mine. Biggest fantasy is that she rims me to lube me up and then pegs me so hard. No idea how to broach the subject though.

1 month ago

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    • How old is her shit hole?
      Ass should not be eaten after about 25 years. 70 year old ass is awful.
      Please trust me.

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