I want to suck a cock but I am married.

I have been watching amateur porn where the husband sucks a cock and swallows the guys cum. It is usually a cuckold video. I really get off watching the husband eating the cum. I am not into humiliation, but being told what to do is a huge turn on. I want to have my mouth fucked by a big cock, or a little cock and I want the load in my mouth and throat.

I have told my wife but there is no way she will play along.

What should I do?

1 month ago


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    • My wife and I practice BDSM, and I am into humiliation. This was my gateway into forced cock-sucking, and being anally violated. It may not be for you, or her, but, you might try this. Get her some sexy fetish wear. Buy a small, cheap, rubber flogger. Get her to use it on your butt and upper back. Give it, at least, fifteen minutes. Then, slip a finger into her pussy. If it's wet, she's interested. Take it from there, and, maybe go to a club where others do such scenes. With patience and practice, what you desire can eventually happen. Best of luck !

    • To bad your wife will miss out on it. If you want it do it if you like it keep doing it

    • What about the guilt?

    • You're a faggot. Don't be a pussy too. Go suck that cock and feel guilty you twink

    • Go suck that cock!

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