I asked mother in law if I could drop my pants

Hi I have written about flashing my mother in law numerous times but things really changed day before yesterday.

With covid lock down we haven't really seen the MIL much over the last 18 months. I certainly haven't had the opportunities to flash her that I used to.

She recently moved into a new flat and I have been helping decorate. So I have been round there painting etc for the last month or so. So a about 2 weeks ago I told her I would need to change my trousers to paint. She said 'ok' so without hesitation I dropped my pants in front of her and exposed my cock and balls that were conveniently hanging out of my shorts. I stood there for a few seconds and said "oops I'm hanging out, sorry" :o)

Then a couple of days ago she started telling me a story about the reasons why she would not call the police. She gave a couple of examples but then started talking about a man she once saw (years ago) at a public toilet. He was exposing himself. She said she wasn't bothered cos she "was a grown woman" but she said she did phone the police cos it was close to a school. I took this as approval to strike again! But I'm getting bored of just doing the same old cock flash that I used to do and that I did a couple of weeks ago. It was important to me that I got her approval for a cock flash.

So I went round to her house to do a couple of jobs and I thought "fuck it" I'll just ask "is it OK if I can change my pants?" She asked me why and I simply replied "cos I'm weird". She queried my reasoning several times but I just kept repeating "sorry I don't know, I'm just weird". After a few minutes she just said don't do it in the door way (which is where I was painting. So I then stood half way up the stairs and pulled my pants down again exposing my cock and balls. She carried on tidying up etc but she was facing in my direction. Because she queried why I wanted to unnecessarily change my trousers and I had told her it was for no good reason other than the fact i was weird. Omg I was 100000% horny. Precum was forming on the tip of my cock tip. I loved it.

1 month ago

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