Ok, I finally had bi sex

I admitted to my wife that I have been fantasizing about sucking a cock. I also let her know that one of my friends at work admitted to me that he also has an interest in trying bi sex. She admitted after my confession that she thought it would be hot if I actually did it. After a couple of months of my co-worker and I talking, we agreed to meet at his house one day after work and try it. We both could hardly work that day. We would both chuckle every time we saw each other during the workday waiting for the day to end. I called my wife at lunch and told her what I planned to do and she was incredibly turned on. She told me she would be waiting for me in our bed when I got home and wanted to fuck and suck me while I told her what happened. I promised to text her when I was on my way home so she would know we were done. When we got to his house that day we were both over the top horny. I texted my wife when I got there and told her we were both getting ready to get naked, and that I was not going to back out. My co-worker and I decided to take a shower together, and we touched each other all over. It was such a turn-on to finally feel another man's dick after dreaming about it for years. We also went down on each other while in the shower. It felt very natural and was so hot. I think because we knew each other so well and he knew that I had cleared it with my wife. He admitted that he was turned on knowing that my wife was at home thinking about us having sex.

By the time we got to his bed, I was all over him. I immediately dove between his legs and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him. I also licked his balls and ass. He let me play for about five minutes and then said it was his turn. he went down on me and did the same. I even layed on my stomach at one time and he licked my ass and then ground his cock between my butt cheeks. It felt great. I put his cock head against my ass and he pressed the head in just a bit. I told him to fuck me but he said let's save it for next time. He continued to grind into me until he was ready to cum and then came up near my face and put his dick in my mouth and I swallowed all of his cum that I could.

After cleaning up his dick real good with my mouth, he rolled me over on my back and went to work on my dick. He sucked the head hard and I filled his mouth. We were both ok with it afterward. There was no weirdness afterward at all. We both knew we were hooked and would be sucking and fucking each other often in the future. I can't wait for more. I told him I definitely want him to fuck me, and he admitted he wants me to do the same to him.

The sex with my wife after was great too. She giggled when I admitted I enjoyed sucking his cock.

1 month ago

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    • Thats so fucking hot. Your wife is understanding like mine. Our lovemaking is so intense after I've had a night with my boyfriend.

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