Fondling Ronda...Again

Not long after my first experience with Ronda, my uncle and her mom took all the kids and moved out of state. I thought it was forever. Little did I know the job wouldn’t work out for my uncle and they would be back early that fall.

But in the meantime I continued trying to get some action with other girls my age. I had been trying to get into my cousin, Beth’s, pants for a while. It actually happened once. She and her brother and me and my brother were all sleeping in the living room with Beth on the couch. And, like with Ronda, I slept on the floor in front of the couch. Once I thought Beth was good and asleep I rolled over on my left side and reached up with my right hand. This time I didn’t go for the tits. Instead I immediately went for her pants. I got them unfastened, slowly and cautiously. Got them unzipped and placed my hand on her flat stomach. Beth was classically beautiful. Unlike Ronda who was cute and chubby, Beth was tall and willowy, very athletically built. Even though she had a nice rack, I still went for the pussy first. I slowly slid my hand down her stomach until I felt the elastic waistband of her panties. Dipping my fingers under the panties, I continued sliding my fingers until I felt hair. Her hair was a lovely dark brown. I imaging her bush was also very dark, even though it was dark in the room and I was feeling from underneath her panties. My fingers trembled as I wondered how much further she would let me get. Or was she sleeping through all this? I pushed my fingers further and further, feeling more and more fur. Eventually I had the palm of my hand on top of a mound of thick pussy hair. My heart pounded as I prepared to run a finger down toward her slit.

But just then Beth grabbed my arm and pulled my hand out from under her panties… and went to her room. Damn! But not to worry. I would have another encounter with Ronda soon.

To my surprise, my uncle showed up at my grandparent’s home in early fall. Ronda was now 14, or very close to it. All us kids went to sleep upstairs in my grandparent’s house, in the same room. Again I waited until everyone was asleep. I didn’t care if Ronda was actually asleep as I now knew she was mine for the taking. After I heard plenty of snoring from all the boys, I crept up and crossed the room to where Ronda was laying. She woke up immediately and let me play with her tits and finger her pussy. This time I would try eating pussy. She didn’t say a word as I took her pants down, again raising her hips to help me out. I spread her short, chubby thighs and began kissing her hairy bush, feeling the wetness coming from her slit with my lips. I had been fingering her so she was already pretty wet. I shoved my tongue inside. I had smelled pussy before but never tasted it. It was so salty and sweet. My cock had been rock hard this whole time but that taste made it feel like it was going to rip apart at the seams. I didn’t know enough about a clit at the time. I should have licked it and made her cum. But all I knew was that I was enjoying the taste and feel of my tongue inside a pussy for the first time. Those lovely soft wrinkles.

I licked for a long time, or at least it seemed like I did. Then, as I continued licking, I snuck the fly of my jeans open. I crawled slowly on top of her until we were laying in the missionary position. I put my mouth in her ear and whispered, barely audible to her so as not to wake her brothers, “I don’t want to get you pregnant so I’ll pull out before I cum.”

She said something about how we were going to wake the others up but I assured her we wouldn’t. I began fishing the head of my cock around the wetness that was all over her pussy by this point. Her spread legs weren’t even trying to stop me. I felt a promising spot and pushed. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I was still 15 and a virgin myself. “Is it in?”

She said it wasn’t. I took aim again and tried. It must have been slipping down between her lips but missing the hole. I could feel the warm wetness on the head of my cock. Finally I felt the head enter a depression. She reacted, tensing up, as if preparing for it to hurt. And it must have. I gave it a push and she threw her head back, as if trying to look at the wall behind her. No dice. I shoved and shoved. Each time she would throw her head back, sometimes giving a whispered grunt. But I couldn’t get my head past the opening. She was just too damn tight. It would have been her first time too. I think she was just too nervous. Eventually, after several attempts, I began growing limp. The excitement of possibly losing my virginity, to a girl who was so very cute nonetheless, had kept my heart pounding. I just lost the energy, if not the desire, to continue any further. I would have to be content with the head of my cock being wet from a teenage girl’s pussy… at least for a few weeks.

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    • Offer her to shave her pussy ... She won't object to it now!

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