Still flashing mother in law

Hi, I've posted several times about my fetish due flashing the MIL and I'm getting braver :o) Following a long spell of not seeing my MIL cos of lock down, she recently moved into sheltered accommodation close buy. I have been doing a lot of decorating at her new flat so as soon as I could I thoght of an excuse to change my trousers into another pair. I basically just asked if I could change and she agreed. I therefore immediately dropped my trousers exposing my cock which i had intentionality left hanging out of my shorts. I stood there for a minute facing her directly, full frontal whilst she carried on with tidying. I then said "oh sorry I'm hanging out" and I tucked my cock away (very slowly) :o)

Then yesterday I got really brave. I went to her flat and I spoke to her about decorating issues for about 20 and then I did it. I wanted just to ask her if I could change my pants here even though I want actually decorating. She asked why so I just said "I wanted to". After she repeated her question I replied "I'm just weird, I'd really like to do it". She then gave me permission to go on to the stairs to change (she was at the bottom of the stairs and she explicitly said I was not to change downstairs cos people could see in. I therfore walked half way up the stairs dropped my pants, jerked my semi on a couple of times and fully exposed my cock and balls that were hanging out of my shorts again.

I slowly fumbled to get my other pair of trousers on and then went on my way. My cock was oozing precum and felt amazing.

I have flashed her lots and I know I was extra horny this time because of the fact I asked for permission. Oh my god turns me on so much!!!!! I know I'm not normal!

1 month ago


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    • You are not weird at all. I’ve got this fascination with my mother in law. I so badly want her to see my dick. Because I think she will 👀. I’m confident of my size as well. She is 53 and married but I don’t think she’s been fucked properly in a while.

    • Yeah I think my MIL hasn't even fingered herself for years. Tbh I wouldn't be interested in fucking her cos I once saw her arse. Wasn't good. But I'd happily take a hand job or tit wank off her :oD

    • Saw a hidden cam vid of a MIL peeping at an open laptop that was playing a clip of her daughter and SIL screwing.

      SIL purposely left it for the MIL to find.

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