I secretly like cock

Im 34 and have been straight all my life but for some reason the past few years when i jerk i get extra horny when i think of cock. Ive been wanting to try one real bad. Well one night at my friends, i stay there alot hanging out n stuff, i got real horny and i finally went for it. He was at the counter making food and i walked up behind n pressed myself against him and reached around n started rubbing his cock thru his shorts. He immeadiately jumped n said what the hell r u doing but i trapped him tight and slid my hand down his shorts. As he fought n stumbled for words i could feel his cock growing in my hand. I leaned in and licked his ear n whispered just be quiet and turn around. Surprisingly he did. I looked him in the eye for a sec still rubbing his now fully erect and huge dick and i dropped to my knees and pulled his cock out and put my mouth on it. He let out a soft moan and thats when i knew i could keep going. I sucked his dick so hard. I was so horny i was hard and leaking precum myself. There is something else i always wanted to do so i stopped n took his hand and pulled him to the bedroom. I layed down on my back with my head hanging off the edge and motioned him to come. He grabbed my head and slid his thick cock strait down my throat gagging me. He pumped my throat so deep n hard. In the crazy moment neither of us had heard his dad come in the house. With the bedroom door open there is his dad watching his son with his dick in his best friends throat. He started flippin out n we were flippin out and thats when i walked strait up to his dad put my hand on his crotch and said let me suck u too. I started unbuckiling his belt and he stopped me n cussed me. His son yelked dad stop it felt good u should do it. He asked me do u make it feel good? I said yes sir. As he paused i grabbed his crotch again. He said im no faggot so u better not say a word. I agreed and pulled his pants down n put him in my mouth. His dick was decent sized but it was very very wide. I could barely wrap my mouth around it. As i sucked him good my friend layed on the bed n said it was his turn. I crawled up between his legs and started sucking him again. His sweaty balls tasted so good. Then i felt his dad squeeze my ass as he started rubbing his fat dick down my ass crack. I just thot he was staying busy until i felt the spit rolling down my crack and he started trying to shove his cock in. I immeadiately said wtf r u doing . He said taking what i want, son i suggest u do the same. Bfor i could do anything my friend pulled my face down on his cock and held it in as his dad forced his fat cock in my virgin ass. It hurt so bad but i was still so horny. My friend pounded my throat while his dad raped my ass deep. I was cumming all over the place. I felt so violated n dirty but in a good way. When my buddy finally took himself out of my mouth long enuff to breathe i said i want u both inside me. I sat reverse cowgirl on my friends dick and leaned back so it was like his dad would fuck me missionary. He crawled on top of me and pushed n pushed n pushed until finally he got the tip in. He pulled my shoulders while he thrusted and forced his cock in with his sons too ripping my ass wide open. I could feel thrusting n pulling out bk n forth. I cant believe i had 2 huge dicks in me. I looked his dad in the eye n told him i was a sissy faggot and he needed to fuck his little girl. I swear they both got harder some how. My buddy put his arm around my throat while his dad slapped me n spit in my mouth. He said tell me u want my cum. I said give it to me daddy! Fill ur little girl up. I want u to put a baby in me . They both throttled my ass deep n hard until i could feel my insides being pumped full. My friend said omg baby i love you and his dad said take it bitch, take my baby strait in ur guts! When they were done his dad pulled me on the floor to my knees and started pissing all over my face. Mid way thru my friend was pissing on me too. I stuck my tongue out and sucked on his dick while he filled my mouth with piss n leftover cum. At least once a week for the past 2 years ive been letting them use me as their personal cum dump and i love it

10 days ago


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    • My wife has agreed to watch me suck a cock, even help him cum by stroking his cock in my mouth..just need to find someone that’s clean..

    • I’m a female and I love watching gay sex it turns me on! Do you guys still fuck?

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