My wife Janet fucking around with my friend.

My friend confessed to me one night after we had been drinking that he had been fucking my wife for quite a while. She has a rep for being a pretty easy piece of ass, so he had decided to call her and ask her for sex.

He said the first time he called her and asked her to meet him somewhere, she declined. On the second call, he hit paydirt. She agreed to meet him at a local park where it's well known that people have affairs. They park their cars along the side of the road by this river that runs through the park and do their fucking there. If you drive down that road at lunchtime during the week, you can probably see cars that you recognize. Lots of married women's cars, and a couple of the local cops like to cruise this road to see what wives are fucking around. Gives them ideas for pussy.

Janet had agreed to meet him the next day around noon, Robert's lunch hour. When he got there, she was waiting for him in her van. He got in her car, and he told me she was wearing this super-short white skirt (my favorite), a red tank top, and red high heels. He soon discovered this was all she had on. He kissed her and suggested they transfer to the bench seat behind the bucket seats in front. She agreed, and he got out and went around and opened her door for her. When she slid out of the seat and put her feet on the ground, he could clearly see my wife's pussy. She made no attempt to cover up, even though a couple of cars were passing by. She had clearly come ready for some fucking.

When they got in the back seat, Robert pulled Janet's tank top down and started kissing and sucking on her tits. He put his hand up her skirt and discovered that her pussy was sopping wet. He finger fucked her and continued sucking on her tits. After a few minutes, my wife pulled the top up and off, over her head. She slid the skirt down and off her feet, and threw the two pieces in the front seat to get them out of their way. She started to remove the heels, too, but Robert asked her to leave them on, because they were really sexy for him.

So, there my wife was, parked by the side of the road in her van, completely naked in broad daylight except for the heels. This really turned Robert on. He said, "Fuck, you are so sexy. What are you gonna do if somebody looks in the car"? She said that she guessed they would get a nice view.

Robert pushed my wife down onto the seat, on her back. He told her he had brought condoms, but she told him she liked to cheat bareback. He pulled his pants down and stuck his big cock in her pussy. He said it went in very easily, she was very wet and she apparently was very horny, she felt very "open", and he was soon buried up to his balls in my wife's cunt. He started slowly stroking her. He would almost pull his cock out of her, but when he stuck it back in he said he just glided, silky smooth, all the way to her cervix. It felt, he said, like she was chewing on the head of his cock with her pussy. It was evident that she had a lot of experience in fucking guys. She rotated her hips around his cock head, and moved her ass up and down on his cock. It was all he could do to keep from cumming after just a few strokes, but Janet pleaded for him to hold off, that if he could wait, she would cum with him, but it would take just a few more thrusts for her to get off. She was saying "Oh yeah, that cock feels good, just give me a minute and I can cum, and when you cum, I want that hot cock buried in my pussy as deep as you can get it!"

Robert told me, "Sure enough, I stroked her about ten more times, and Janet said 'Oh yeah, here I cum! Just keep pumping me, Honey, Momma's gonna get her cookies in just a sec, I feel it coming up my thighs and going for my snatch! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, what a wonderful cock! I think my cunt's gonna explode, Robert, just keep on pounding me'" and he said he did, and then when he came in my wife he thought the top of his cock was going to blow right off. He just let his cum flow into her pussy, and his cock was having all kinds of orgasmic spasms. Janet's pussy was making a lot of sloppy slurping noises from her juices and all the cum he had dumped in her. He kept fucking her even after his orgasm had subsided, and when he finally pulled his semi-hard cock out of her pussy, he looked down at her with her legs spread open and cum and juices ran out of her slit and down into the crack of her ass. She said "Wow, that was some good fucking, Baby". Then she reached down and pulled a Kleenex out of the box on the floor and tried to clean the mess off of her car seat and from her ass and pussy. She kept dabbing at it and throwing the cummy Kleenex out the open car window onto the road. Soon there was a pile of Kleenex beside her car, and a couple had even stuck to the side of her van.

Robert had by this time sat up in the seat, on the road side of the van, and Janet was just laying with her head propped up against the door, her legs still spread out with one behind Robert's back and the other one propped on the armrest of the driver's seat. They both had their eyes closed, just recuperating from the fucking. Suddenly, they heard a male voice say "Well, well, well, Mrs. Smith. (Not her real last name). Looks like you been havin' yoself a real good time!" A cop had seen the car along with all the Kleenex and had parked his car about 50 yards back. He had run the license plate number and found out who it was registered to and had then sneaked up on them. They if course were startled, to say the least. Janet was laying there with her wet pussy on display, and the cop had his face in the window staring at her just-fucked pussy. She started reaching for her skirt and top in the front seat but couldn't reach them because Robert had her left leg pinned against the back seat. The cop said, "Just lay still, Mrs. Smith". Robert said the cop was just enjoying the view of my wife laying there with her legs spread. Then the cop said, "Man, that sure is a fine looking pussy you got there, Mrs. Smith. And I would bet that this gentleman here is not Mr. Smith, is he?" Janet said "No, he is not Mr. Smith". Then he looked at Robert. "Did you enjoy Mrs. Smith's pussy, young man"? He said yes, he enjoyed her. The cop then informed them that he could run them in for public indecency, and for littering. They begged him to not do that. The cop handed Janet a piece of paper and a pen, and said, "Honey, write your name and phone number on here. Your real phone number". She did. Then the cop looked up and down the road and saw there were no cars approaching. He said "Mrs. Smith, get out here and pick up all this Kleenex". She said OK and reached for her clothes. The cop said, "Uh uh, Honey. Just like you are". So there was my wife, completely naked except for red heels, picking up all their cummy Kleenex off the road and the side of the car. The cop just stood there watching her, and he gave here a couple of quiet wolf whistles when she bent over. When she finished, she looked at the cop and he told her to get in the car and go home. As she opened the driver's door the cop pinched her ass and said "You will probably get a call from me soon, I hope you'll remember how I did you this favor". She promised him she would.

Robert continued to fuck my wife for several months, but after this day she went to his apartment or they had sex at his office or our house. He said he was not sure how he didn't knock her up, he must have fucked her several dozen times.

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    • That's a lot of details for a story you were not a part of. Clearly fake but still very steamy

    • Way to detailed to hear ur wife is fucking a friend stfu and stop making bs up u cuck

    • Wow, a whole different take on the van down by the river scenario.

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