Bosses little bitch

I totally feminized myself and went to work on a Saturday when I knew the boss would be the only one at work. I was dressed slutty and when I walked into his office he said he was glad to see me ,he needed a secretary to work off the clock on weekends and I would work out perfectly. He put me to work filing papers and bringing him coffee and had me doing everything else that a real secretary normally does which was fun but not what i figured he would have me doing. Around noon he called me into his office and told me that I was a hard worker and he word have me working late every night and on most weekends and I was expected to dress just like I was . He told me that he word text me when he wanted me to work saying I needed to keep an outfit or two and everything is need to make myself look pretty because I wouldn't have time to go he and change. On weekends I am expected to come to work totally feminized and walk in to work as usual and hope no one sees me . I asked him about book keeping asking about my extra hours and he laughed and told me that I wouldn't be clocking in or out . He told me that I am his own private sissy secretary and sissies are not considered real employees meaning I wasn't going to be paid like a real secretary with money,,he told me to get on my knees between his legs and he would pay me the only way sissies deserved to get paid. I love working as a sissy secretary after everyone goes home and on Saturdays , I enjoy the work and am learning so much . I don't get paid with money but my boss has a huge cock and he lets me suck on it and pounds my sissy cunt a lot and to me that is payment enough

10 days ago

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