Watched my daughter having sex

Hello all,I'm Louise,married to my husband for 15 years,I've got a daughter from a previous relationship she's called Lisa,she's 18 and has been dating Cory for a few months,Cory was over our house on a week night,hubby was working nights,they were in Lisa's room watching TV,I was doing the ironing in the kitchen with the radio on,nothing out of the ordinary!! Id finished up just turned the music off and heard some banging noises? I thought it was next door but when I stood at the bottom of the stairs it was clear it was coming from upstairs! And from Lisa's room,they wouldn't be I thought not with me downstairs? I trundled up the stairs and could hear Lisa's groans!! OK I thought we were all 18 once but I never made it that obvious to my parents!! I was about to barge in and give them a ticking off but something stopped me,through the gap at the hinges I saw what they were upto,Lisa was in the reverse cowgirl position bouncing up and down on Cory!! Get off babe I'm going to fuck your ass!! Jesus christ!! Im thinking,I never tried bum sex till I was in my late 20's,Lisa got on all fours and Cory kneeled behind her,fuck fuck oh yeah winced Lisa! I was spying on my daughter getting fucked up her ass obviously it wasn't the first time,im gonna cum babe! Cory whispered,his back arched and he came in Lisa's ass!! He pulled out of her and my slut of a daughter spun around and give him a blowjob!! Needless to say I couldn't wait for hubby to come home in the morning and fuck me in my holes xx

10 days ago


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    • Who in the Hell even Dances with Bananas?

      My son is not right in the head anymore he farts all the time in my house and stinks up my house, he puts on my wife's clothes and finds it funny, he plays striptease in front of us at the house, he draws pictures of naked women and looks for real pictures of them on my computer and to top it all of he danced with my bananas; I believe my son is criminally insane.

After I sent him home to his mother where I believe he inherited his insanity from I drank a bottle of Jack Daniels and then took a look back trying to figure out what went wrong with my son, and what made him act so goofy. I think my son needs to see a Councilor because he is not right in the head, and after all he's done to me, he's sent me back to drinking as a result. Than the next week when he came over he tried to dance with my favorite fruit ever, Grapes. 

This time I told his if he did the same thing to the Grapes like he did to my Bananas; I would skin his hind end. I hope now he's straightened up but, I really shouldn't expect much, cause i'm not sure what he'll do next.

Well now he's got my Banjo and is singing songs about Bananas, Hair, People's Feet, and Women and he's Playing these songs with my Banjo while sitting on the toilet taking a s***. Now this is not normal behavior for a 11 year old boy, and I need to get this boy some serious help before I completely lose my mind; either he needs to do some Consoling or a trip to the Looney Bin, I hope something straightens out my Insane Son and I hope it isn't too late!!

    • Blow me fag

    • Louise, I think you should flirt with Cory. Admit it, you want his cock in all your holes.

    • You're so right! We've been to a dogging place lately,omg!! My husband and I watched a woman getting fucked by several men !! Next time it's going to be me xxxx

    • I don't believe this story. Who does ironing anymore?

    • Your mom.

    • Did you enjoy the show - if yes, please continue as these young brats can teach you something more about sex these days! I am in my late 50s but still spy on my daughter having sex with her 3 bfs - she is really insatiable! She goes wild when her pussy being eaten and her tits smashed by a pair of strong hands. OMG! wish I could join them.

    • I really like the fact that at their age they are giving and getting fucked anally so great.

    • Great that they are fucking and that you obviously don't mind even watching.

    • My late teen girlfriend was a ringer. Her ex BF was 22 and divorced. Her mom knew she was active years before and had her on BC. She'd let us fuck after school in her room after school before her dad got home from work at 6. Late teens and fucked 3 to 5 times, One problem, it was an old house, one room led to another and Mom would walk through while were were fucking. She'd usually take a blanket and drape it over us. "don't you kids ever play ball anyone? At least you're getting your exercise. Look how skinny you 2 are." Blowjobs were in the car, mom would freak out -- this was late 60's. Bjs were taboo but most girls did them by college.

    • If you need some extra fun i would love to join you. We could both watch your daughter getting asshole fucked then I could do the same to you.
      I love eating pussy and ass so if you want to grind your ass and pussy into my mouth bring it on, just grab my cock and ride my face

    • Id love to share my hairy pussy with you and my husband. We've been talking about the idea of another guy joining us...mmmm I so want to get dp'ed xx

    • Sure let’s do it

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