Gangbanged by rugby team

This is my story about being a complete slut!I was 27 at the time,I was working as a barmaid at a working man's club,I loved it,it was busy most nights but on Saturdays the rugby team would be there,id known most of them throughout school,they were a mad bunch always up to no good,they'd make me laugh telling me about things they'd do on nights out and their exploits with women,threesomes they'd had!!! One Saturday night the boys were all laughing and joking,I overheard them saying we've gotta pull a girl and all of us do her!! They didn't go into town this particular Saturday,the captain jonno started chatting with me at the bar,so you single now Helen? Best way to be I said,can do what I want!!! Two more came over and joined the conversation,in the back of my mind was hearing them talking about gangbanging a girl earlier!! Were they trying it with me?? All the locals had gone home it was coming up to closing time,the boys ordered a load of pints as I was about to shut the bar,I cashed up pulled the shutters down and sat in the bar with a couple of half lagers that had been bought for me, jonno sat by me and started teasing me,cmon Helen when was the last time you had sex?? To long ago jonno!! 3 more came and sat down,whats your favourite position and all that!! The flirting was getting heavy now! What about a threesome Helen? Look lads I heard you talking earlier about having a gangbang!! Just spit it out and ask me!! They were gobsmacked 😂 you up for one then? I could be? Depends on you lot! What do you mean by that jonno said,well you've all had a load to drink bet you can't get hard I said laughing!!! Sounds like a challenge lads!! Lads Helen here thinks we can't get bona's!! Next thing 20 lads stripp off and start wanking!!! There were 1 or 2 that were struggling but the majority all had hardons.... Well Helen? Not here I said let's go down to the changing rooms! The boys went through the doors and down the stairs,fuck me what was I doing!! I followed behind ,it was quite overwhelming in the middle of 20 men all naked wanking!! Suck them Helen!! I tried my best,licking,gagging and sucking on so many cocks,get those clothes off her boys!! I was stripped in seconds,I was bent over and I felt the first cock entering my pussy!! They lined up behind me all waiting their turns,it was only a matter of time before someone fucked my arse,cock after cock fucked my holes I felt naughty as hell!! 2 hours must have gone,id had multiple loads of cum shot in me,at least 5 came all over my face I was covered in spunk,we all showered together put our clothes back on and went our separate ways! God it was amazing!! Id love to do it again xxx

11 days ago

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    • Love it. I wish I could have been there to join in. Would deffo want to keep it going all night

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