Slut stepdaughter

My stepdaughter abi is a fitness trainer at a big national gym close to where we live,she's blonde,18 and a body I've wanked many times over!! Shes had a steady boyfriend Ben for 2 years,until last month,they split up! Shit happens we've all been there,well she hasn't had any problems with the boys,let's put it that way,she's gone out with a few the last couple of weekends,I only found out that they're all from work with her,lifeguards,other personal trainers,I just happen to know 1 of them Jacob,me and his dad grew up together.i went out with a few friends from work last weekend and bumped into Jacob at a bar in town,he'd had more than a few! Alright pal I said to him,hi Mr Watkins he replied.hows work in the gym I asked? Great now abi is single he said?? Swaying and stuttering! How come son?? I shouldn't be telling you about it really!! Well you got to tell me now Jacob,she's a bit of a girl your stepdaughter mr Watkins,little fucker I thought.judge for yourself I'll send you a WhatsApp he said and with that he fucked off !! 10 minutes went by and my phone vibrated,I got up and walked to the toilets,there was an empty cubicle on the end,I sat on the toilet whipped out my phone and pressed play! Gym equipment?? Then I could see abi sitting on one of the benches in her gym clothes clapping and laughing? Wtf? Then you can see 3 lads all standing naked playing with their cocks! We're all naked cmon abi get them off,fuck me!! What have I got here I thought,she takes her gym top off,her tits flopp out,undoes her trainers and peels her skin tight leggings off! And the knickers one of the boys shout,fucking hell,here's my stepdaughter naked on my phone surrounded by 3 young lads,who's first boys!! One of them says,suck on this abi! The kid grabs her head and holds it as he fucks her mouth,whoever is filming ( I later find out is Jacob) moves behind abi and points the camera right on her ass,his hand pushes her thighs apart showing off her puffy labia,fucking hell lads come and see the view I've got,a finger goes in her cunt then 2 then another probes at abi's asshole,out of the way Jacob a voice speaks,the video goes juddery then steadies again and points back at her behind,another one of the boys is about to fuck her,the phone lifts up to the lad getting a blowjob! He sticks his thumb up,ah fuck abi shouts and then goes back to sucking cock! My stepdaughter is being double teamed !! Let me have a go at her says the boy getting sucked,both of them pull their dicks from abi,get on your back abs! Abi turns around and lays on the weights bench,the lad grabs her ankles and spreads her wide open!! Mmm I was horny as fuck watching,she was fully shaved! He rams his cock up her cunt,the two other boys are either side of abi! She's wanking the pair of them off!!! Did that prick of a boyfriend ever fuck you in the ass abs?? The lad fucking her says!! No but he did finger it while he fucked my pussy my slut of a stepdaughter replied!! Do you wanna try it? Mmmm yeah I do .... fucking slut he says! Get on the floor and stick that ass out! She was loving it you could tell by the look on her face,go slow she told the boy! Ooww !! Slowly,slowly,Jacob you got this mate? Course I have! Omg that's amazing abi grunts,aahh fuck me, fuck me!! Shes shouting,cmon lads get back her,they move around her swapping their cocks, I've seen porn where the girls are getting fucked in both holes says one of them,let's try it! You game abi? OK ill try! Ben get under her,abi rides Ben's cock ,you ready abs? Yeah go on,she takes it with ease,for a girl that's never had 2 cocks at the same time she could have fooled me! The boys fucked here senseless but there were still 2 more boys there! Jacob you pussy are you going to fuck abi or what? Hold this,the phone passes hands to the lad fucking abi's ass,he puts the phone really close to his cock sliding in and out of her ass!! Jacob reappears stark naked,swap over lads! Abi gets off Ben's cock and moves to another bench where the other 2 lads fuck her hole's,you anywhere near cumming asks one of the boys? Yeah not long! Where do you want it abi?? On my face abi replied,ok you slut! You heard that lads!! Abi gets on her knees and the 4 boys surround her wanking their dicks! 1,2,3 then Jacob shoot their loads over her face! Shes covered in spunk,im blown away by this,then the video ends!! Ill never have the same look on my abi ever again,I may even use the video as a blackmailing ploy against her so I get my turn.

11 days ago

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    • Hey send me the video.

    • Fuck off child molester!

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