Brothers little bitch

I am a sissy and have been my older brothers bitch all of my life. He woke me up one night and began talking about how good it felt to have your cock sucked. I knew nothing about sex and had never even seen a naked girl yet but I couldn't take my eyes off of his hard cock. He sat next to me naked and explained what to do with my mouth to make him cum .He didn't tell me to do it,,I wasn't forced either. We were just sitting on my bed talking about sucking cock and I just slid between his legs and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. I listened to what he said while sucking him off because even though I had never sucked cock I wanted to do a good job for some reason and I did not stop sucking until he came in my mouth and it made me so happy. Ever since that wonderful night I sucked my brothers cock any and every time he wanted me to not because I had to but because I wanted to . He brought girls home and fucked them and after while they were in the shower I would suck his cock if he let me . My brother has been married three times and none of the now exwifes knew that I was sucking his cock while they were married. I lived with him for almost a year when he was between wives , we acted like two brothers at work but as soon as I got home I totally feminized myself and was his bitch doing every and anything he told me to do and he did what ever he wanted to me because there were no limitations or safe words .

11 days ago

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    • I am my brothers sissy slave. He wasn't nice or gentle at all,he woke me up and handed me a box full of clothes and told me to get dressed or he would beat me till I did . I was so scared so I picked out a skirt and top ,panties and a bra and everything and got dressed as fast as I could and then went to his room as ordered . Scott told me that when he told me to get dressed I better do it immediately because if I refused or resisted he would beat me till I did . He made me pose for him and he took pictures of me every time I was dressed girly saying it would be a shame if my friends saw the pictures so I did what ever he said. When ever mom and dad were out or in bed he would come tell me to get dressed and he would fuck me in his room or in the basement usually but started taking me outside like to one of the near by parks to have me suck his cock and fuck my ass. It was never one or the other,,he always started out with me sucking his cock then fucking me . He started making me wear panties and then bras at home and sometimes while our parents watched TV or were in the kitchen he took me to the next room so I could suck his cock. I wasn't given a choice and hated what he was doing to me at first but then it just changed for me and I began to like being his little bitch. It was so scary but exciting to be on my knees right behind the couch where mom and dad were watching a movie sucking his cock.

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