Cant stop thinking about cock

I suppose I've always had a bi side,my friend and I sucked each other off when we were teenagers,30 years ago now,I've been married to my wife for 15 years and had no thought whatsoever about being sexual with men,that was until I bumped into my old friend a couple of months back,I was in a pub after work alone on a Friday afternoon and my old buddy James walks in,it was great to chat and catch up,he openly admitted to me he was bi,do you remember sucking me off he said laughing 😃 yeah I remember James!!! He asked if I'd ever done it since? No I haven't,he then went on to tell me all the stuff he'd tried with guys and girls ... I was jealous! So what if I said do you fancy trying it again for old times sake? I was a bit hesitant,im not sure pal! OK your decision mate James replied,we drank up and left,walking to each others car I'd decided to myself I wanted to see his cock,my car or yours James? He smiled back,mine,cmon jump in,he drove for a couple of miles then pulled down a quiet road leading to a railway bridge,I come here often he said its safe,nobody comes here,so you fancy some cock buddy,let's see it then,as teenagers I had the bigger cock! Not any more!! James whipped his cock out,fucking hell mate you've grown!! He smiled,thanks mate,now get your mouth around it! James pulled my head down to his dick! Id forgotten how good a cock felt in my mouth,that's it suck my big cock mmmm do you want me to cum in your mouth? I came up for air,I was gagging for his cum! Cum for me James cmon! He pushed my head down and filled my mouth up,swallow it all mate,I did!! Wow I was horny as fuck,suddenly I had the urge for cock! Not one but lots,I told James my thoughts,you dirty man he said,I can organise something for you if you like? Definitely was my answer,James I want to be spitroasted!! Fuck me where was this coming from,ok pal,when can you meet,next Friday afternoon I said.ill see what I can do,James text me back on the Monday saying he'd found 3 guys and himself for me if I was still game? Absolutely I replied,he gave me an address and said meet him there at 3 on never been fucked before but I just had this urge,Friday soon came, I finished work drove to the address,I knocked the door,James answered,you ready for this pal? Go into the other room and the guys are waiting for you!! Somewhat nervous I wondered in.... my nerves disappeared,in front of me were 3 guys naked stroking their dicks! Heard you want some cock one of them said! You heard right,get on your knees and suck these then,omg I had a cock in each hand and one in my mouth,I switched cocks as best as I could,get your kit off then James shouted,I was naked in seconds,mmm nice cock on him one said,lads his arse hasn't been fucked before so go easy on him James told them!! He'll open up for us now! Pass the lube! I didn't know their names! I'll go first said the older one of the 3,I felt the lube pour over my arse,you ready! Go on I said,it hurt at first but once I'd learned how to relax my arsehole fuck what a feeling,he's a natural James said,fucking hell he's balls deep up your ass mate!! I was being pounded for the first time,get in his mouth the other guy said! James moved around to the front of me wanking his cock saying how does it feel mate,the guy took his cock from my mouth! I can't describe it I replied,for the next 2 hours the 4 guys fucked me silly! I had cum in my arse,my mouth,I've never felt like that before,James is trying to organise 10 guys to fuck me soon!! I can't wait

11 days ago

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    • Hot. Gay. But hot.

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