My trained whore gf

One of the girls I'm seeing is this 16 year old slug, trained to please and loaded with daddy issues. Let's call her Helen. The unusual thing in our relationship is the age gap, I'm almost 20 years older than her. O guess that's what happens when your parents break up and raised by a useless mother.

Anyway, Helen has developed a lot in the 5 months we been seeing each other. First time we met, she only knew how to open her legs to boys in missionary, not having swallowed a man's cum once. Now she's such a good whore for me. I trained her so well, that she will do everything to please me, even take care of my mates if asked.

I'm having so much fun with Helen, that I could write pages with the stuff we did. A lot of stories to share, from the time I took her ass for the first time, to when she was serving me and my mates drinks in her undies.

13 days ago

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    • I've been playing this game, where I put some whipped cream on my dick and have Helen lick it and suck it clean. It became our inside joke, meaning it's time for her to tend to my dick with her mouth.

      I had some mates over one evening, as well as Helen, who was staying over for the night. She was so hot, had a large jumper on but lace slutty lingerie underneath. I knew cause I had fucked her earlier, before my mates arrived.

      We were watching some tv, Helen cozying up to me, the jumper riding up and showing off her thighs. My mates would openly stare at her legs and I teased them by pulling the jumper higher while making out with Helen. Then I mentioned that she loved whipped cream. We ended up getting a can of the stuff and passing it around, each guy putting a bit on his finger, then Helen asked to crawl to him and lick the cream off him, then wash the cream down with a shot.

      Not long and we convinced her to lose the jumper, having the young slut crawling around in her see through lace undies. I knew she would do as I said, since she always wanted to be validated and paid attention to.

      She was so hot, all my mates looked at her like wolves. A few shots in and she's licking cream off my hard dick, in front of my mates. They end having cream on their knobs and Helen being a good whore, licking each of them clean.

      All pretences are dropped after that and I asked her to make my friends cum hard, the way she does with me, using her mouth. She's so drunk and horny, with my mates not missing the chance, she ends up swallowing load after load. She was becoming everyone's favourite.

    • Tell us more please

    • So, age of consent is 15 in my country, but she's been getting laid since 13. So Helen thought she was super experienced when we met, having fucked like 4 boys or something. She wants to be treated like an adult, so I do just that, and it turns out she's incredibly horny but also insecure as fuck all the time.

      Anyway, Helen wanted to prove something to her friends, not sure, but she somehow finds herself in the local bar, drinking and flirting with me. I told her she should be back to her parents and shouldn't be messing with men. She gets upset and yells she's 16 and can do whatever the fuck she wants, she's not a child, and she can prove it. The little tart grabs my crotch when said that! Fuck her, I challenged her to show me her id, and she was indeed 16. then challenged her to suck my thick cock at my car, which she did.

      I took her over to my place that evening, where I fucked her good and hard, better than any guy ever did. She's almost addicted to it now, so I've been pushing her more and more, training her to be the whore she can truly be for me.

    • And, the bar was called " Tots and Tarts ", owned by the late Jeffery Epstein and run by Ghislaine Maxwell. Drink up, chomo !

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