She used her perfect ass to sissify me...

My girlfriends perfect ass and dominating dirty looks turned me into her sissy bitch boi.

Janice tricked Chris Using Forced Feminization, and Forced Sissification.

The Evil bitch slayed my soul with her absolutely perfect ass, destroying my manhood a little more with each sexual encounter. CFNM was our thing. She would never let me fuck her, because Jesus wouldn't approve, and besides, she told me, "I don't fuck fags, you cocksucker." Janice would give me a reach around if I degraded myself to her evil satisfaction...And I loved being naked on all fours, doggie style, while she remained clothed, and I would beg for her to show me her arched naked perfect bubble butt ass, and sit on my face for hours. Her laughing at my total weakness to her perfect ass, and ohhh, those mean, disgusted, evil, shockingly powerful, dominating dirty looks. The instant when Chris would start cumming, the Sadist would throw me a sexy as fuck, hard, dirty look and call me a ccocksucker and a fag. I craved her humiliation and abuse, and would rachet up the role play, where I was the girl. I would loudly beg Janice to Fuck me, and would squeal over and over, FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY!!!, and when I could not withstand her furiously pumping my cock any longer, Chris would yell (for the apartment neighbor to hear, Ohhhh, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE MY PUSSY FUCKING CUM!!!! I thought I was corrupting Janice, by acting like those hot porno bitches and repeating whatever the hot porn sluts would say, Chris pretended to be the porn girls. The truth is that Janice wasn't the innocent bible studying christian girl I thought she fact, I believe she has demons in her soul that delighted to watch and hear how I acted like a slutty girl, and her demons would tell the Devil the perversions I was conjuring up, each tryst going farther over the line. I craved for her to peg me, and let me suck her perfect ass, and she would sometimes grant me permission to lick her asshole. Janice cast a spell on Christopher Jason , enabling the loser to share his deepest secret desires to be a girl, with a perfect ass, and confess to Janice that I was a cocksucker faggot no longer wanting to fuck her, but to be her, with her perfect ass capturing weak cunt men, like me, and destroying their manhood, forever. As I would cum, Janice started calling me a Faggot and proclaiming to me, and to her friends that I wasn't a real Man, but a Sissy, Faggot Cocksucker that will never, ever fuck another girl, because girls don't fuck cocksucking fags.

12 days ago

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