How I seduced and used a teen slut

I was maybe 32 or 33, back when Myspace was the hottest thing. One of the groups I joined was for live gigs at my city. I was talking on a thread about a recent Motorhead gig and there was this girl, commenting how gutted she was she couldn't make it. I messaged her, saying I had plenty of photos and videos from the gig. Long story short, we added each other us friends and would chat up occasionally.

Her name was Catherine, she was 15 at the time, blondie with a cute face. Looked rather timid, but she'd drop some innuendos. She confessed having body issues, as her tits were small and she had a large butt. This was well before anyone even knew what a PAWG was, but I was an ass man since I vould remember. Anyway, it started with me complementing her figure, her saying that it was a shame the boys at her school weren't like me.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we are on messenger almost every night, sexting unbelievable filth. She wasn't a virgin, but had only fucked teenagers until now, none of them knowing how to properly fuck a woman. I described so many things I would do with her, stroking my thick cock while she described how much she wanted to please me. I don't know how many times we came doing this, until we managed to get on a video chat.

Cameras were shitty then, but still good enough to show off I guess. Catherine was obviously nervous, but under my encouragement she was soon stripping down and posing for me. I had my cock out, which she claimed it looked bigger than anything she tried before, stroking it while she fingered herself. We both came hard.

I knew I needed to fuck her sweet holes in real life, but I had to be careful, as she was still 15. Fortunately, she was turning 16 soon, which is the age of consent at my country. She promised to come and find me, that she wanted me as her sweet 16 present.

She logged in on the night of her birthday. Apparently she was out drinking with her mates, her parents oblivious that she was getting wasted, or that she was begging online to get fucked by a 30 something guy. I couldn't wait to fuck that little slut the way she deserved.

Finally, she took the train from her little town to the city and I was to pick her up from the station. It was on a Saturday, can't forget how nervous I was while waiting at the car park, in my Golf She came up with some bullshit story of spending the day with her mates, so her parents would leave her alone for sometime.

I saw her walking towards my car and my cock got hard at her sight. She was wearing a blouse and mid thigh school skirt, just like I asked her to. The car doors were locked so she couldn't get in. I asked her to come to the driver's side, then asked for her to show me her panties. Catherine was pretty nervous, doing this stuff in public, with a stranger. She was too far into it though, and she lifted her skirt, showing me her red panties and creamy thighs. I demanded that she shows me her ass, which she did. Then I ordered her to remove her panties and show me her cunt. God she was so freaked out, but also horny as fuck, why would she do it otherwise? She bent over and spread her wet pussy lips and I wanted to pin her over the car and fuck her then and there

Instead I let her in the passenger seat and we kissed like hungry animals. I fingered her hard and deep, making her moan. My cock was so stiff when I sprung it out of my tracks. She hesitated but she got hold of it. I asked her to suck it and she did. People were walking and driving at the car park, but all I cared about was pushing the little slut's head lower on me, choking her on my cock. She cried a bit and protested, but I told her how good she made me feel, she kept going. Catherine was rewarded with a think load of cum I had been saving for a week, she swallowed it all as ordered. I praised her for being such an amazing little slut and she was actually buying it, smiling under her tears, happy that she could please me, as I gave her a deep kiss.

We drove over my flat. In the meantime, I passed her a large bottle of vodbull I mixed and she was gulping it!. By the time we reached the estate I was renting at, she was drunk and on fire. Once inside, we are both naked in no time and I'm mauling her young body. My hands and tongue went EVERYWHERE and she's loving it. I found myself with her shaved pussy in my mouth in 69. I'm eating her pussy out like a wolf and she's crying in pleasure. My fingers spread her holes, the smell of her is overwhelming. I can feel my cock getting hard again in her mouth. She's going crazy, moaning on my cock, her teen pussy so fucking wet. I start spanking her asscheeks, them shaking like jelly. I don't know if anyone made her cum before, but she came hard while I was eating her out.

I've had enough of fooling around and I got her on her knees, my cock pushed in her cunt to the hilt. She had one of the wettest and most tight cunts I ever fucked in my life. I'm fucking her like crazy, after what's been months of chatting filth with her, I finally claim my prize. The little slut is screaming but she is only driving me more crazy. I guess she wasn't lying about me being bigger than the boys she'd fucked before, she's so tight and is trying to pull away. She gets spanked hard for punishment and I pull her close to me. I make her beg for my cum and she obliges. She just wanted me to finish, I guess, not being able to take me on for much longer. The moment I dreamed about finally comes and I empty my balls inside Catherine's young pussy. I genuinely don't care if she gets pregnant or not, I only cared about claiming her teenage holes as mine. And I did just that.

I was prepared and had plenty of vodbull at the ready, so the slut would be mellow, but not pass out on me. She stayed over for a bit longer, giving me the opportunity to fuck and inseminate her cunt once more. Last round was in my shower - I was trying to help her sober up a bit, then had her suck my cock and balls for a while. I could tell she was turning into my own little slut, offering little resistance to my demands.

I was going to drop her back to the station, her ass bright red with my handprints in it, my cum still sitting deep in her precious cunt. It didn't mean I was completely stupid, I had some plan b ready for her. I kept her knickers and sent her back home well fucked and used. I wondered if her parents or friends knew she travelled this way so she could have my cock. It didn't matter though, as I got to enjoy her fresh body a few more times over the years, pushing her even further every time. She finally broke off me when getting ready to head out to uni, but I had done everything to and with her by then. Whoever she's with now is a lucky guy, as I trained Catherine to take and please a cock with every hole during my time with her.

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    • Fuck man. That was so hot, my cock got hard instantly. When you mentioned her age. You lucky man, what country do you live in where a grown man can fuck a 16 yr old?

    • In an EU country, age of consent is actually at 15, so it's entertaining reading the comments from all those screeching haters.

    • Lol, were you the guy I dated in sixth form?

    • You sound like kind of a bastard that hates women. I'm guessing that's why you go after kids. Women are onto your style and don't give you a chance.

    • As a woman who has always been into older men, I say you are a myopic idiot. Not everyone follows the same prude ideology as you.

    • The writer obviously got his dick wet, which is what it truly matters regardless of age, that we can all agree on.

    • I agree. My cock got serviced recently by a girl similar to the one he talked about. She has the same similar mentally and the same appetite for a grown man's cock. We had some great fuck sessions and my cock was always hard.

    • Fuck ya, this guy gets it. How did that go?

    • So much hate in this comments, is OP the only one who is not a repressed gay person?

    • Your a fucking wanter mate you should have your balls cut off doing shit like that to under age children, your sick go and get help before the public get hold of you because if I came across you I'd bet the fuck out of you, you cock sucking wanker,

    • Tough and feisty, I love getting me one of those now and again ;-)

    • Hot story bruv, slug was asking for it. Don't mind that screaming faggot in the comments.

    • All teens should train in sex with someone older, boys and girls.

    • I totally agree. I'm accepting new students now. Satisfaction guaranteed

    • The pride you feel, when they know just the right thing to do to your cock, after all the times they practiced on it

    • I concur, fucking my teacher when I was 14 was the best thing in my life, until then

    • Kill yourself pedo!

    • Not in the eyes of the law mate. If you got laid more often, you wouldn't be so salty

    • Yes is it asshole. You can be charged if the state feels the minor has been tricked or is not in a state to consent. At twice the age a man would be charged every time! 18 and up is no longer a minor, but if not mentally capable then you can be charged! At 32 years of age if you are even thinking of 15 year olds that way you are a fucking CHOMO!

    • Not everyone lives in the USA, 40 year old virgin. Sad life you must live.

    • I don't care where you live! There are children and there are adults. Common sense states that adults don't have sex with children. Laws are for morons and retards who have no common sense. Basically all laws are for that reason! If you are 32 and thinking of sex with a 15 year old you are a CHOMO anywhere in the world fuck head!

    • Keep moving the goalposts, loser. Next time a tight teen pussy comes my way, I'll fuck it extra hard, since you never had the chance.

    • Not in

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