Sex sent my girlfriend to the E R over the weekend

Last weekend my girlfriend and I started having sex and wanted to show how flexible she really is. So as we started to full around in our bed . She started to put both of her legs behind her head . She’s never been able to do that before. So she told me to go down between her legs and start licking her pussy and her ass from top to bottom. After a little while I decided to get between her legs and start fucking in her ass while push my thumb inside of her pussy . Of course she really loved it so much she started to squirting all over me and herself. With her legs behind her head made her pussy feel really tight . So as she started to moan really loud. So I started to go much faster and harder. After about 20 minutes of nonstop pounding her ass I tried to move her body !
Just as I moved her body a little bit i heard her start to scream in pain .
I heard and felta popping sound coming from her hip area !
So jumped up and covered her up and I put on some clothes after I called the fire rescue. It’s a good thing that when the fire rescue arrived they had 2 female in the ambulance. I already had the front door opened waiting for them. When they walked into the bedroom they asked me what happened.
I told them that we where having sex when I heard her hip pop . They started to check her out and gave her something for the pain. They had a funny look on their faces ! So they put her onto a stretcher o take her to the hospital. When we got to the hospital the did a few x rays on her both of her hips it turns out that she dislocated her hip . By now the pain killers are kicking in. The only thing is she’s but naked. After the doctors reset her hip they put her into a private room . The next day the doctor came to check in on my girlfriend to see how she’s doing . The doctor was a real joker he told us the next time we are doing to have sex try stretching out first. But give it a few weeks before we start having sex again!
So we gave it a few weeks after she got released from the hospital and 1 follow up doctors appointment .

20 days ago


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    • Toss away that old lady

    • Last month my hot wife Nikki and I went to a ski resort to view the fall foliage. They had chair lift rids to enjoy it all. But we got there too late, The place has you enter from the top of the mountain. -- so were getting a pretty good view -- but there was a better view if we walked down some on the expert slope. We stooped at the first level spot to take awesome pictures. Devilish Nikki takes her top off and poses with a 40 mile view backdrop. These pics belong in Playboy -- it's chilly and her nipples are begging to jump off her firm D cup knockers. Now I'm hot and pull off her draw sting sweats -- she's naked now -- I check the chair lift just above -- we're safe. I get naked -- brrr it's cold -- I stick my dick and her and we go at it 20 minutes, The belly collisions echo off the mountain. She cumming loud and clear. When we're finish I'm thinking maybe we were too loud. Looking up the steep incline to the top, an older couple watched us. They quickly retreat when I make eye contact. The lady comes back and yells "thanks, that was fun to watch. don't be embarrassed."

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