Dildos And Butt Plugs

I recently met an older woman who's had a shitty sex life, we met and I stayed in her flat for a few days. Before I went up to her we spoke at length, she had never had a sex toy before so I bought her a vibrator so she would be able to pleasure herself. Well off I went to her home and I cooked her some food which she liked, she liked the fact I can cook. She told me about how her ex husband treated her, it was disgusting. She's 67 and she had never cum. So we went to bed. We had some fun, I ate her pussy she sucked my cock and then she rimmed my ass, which was fucking amazing. I got her "toy" out and started to rub her clit with it. She was moaning with pleasure, I then pushed the vibrator deep into her cunt, she went fucking wild with pleasure. She was loving it so much she put a finger in my ass to find my prostate and started to massage it, I fucking love her finger my ass.
The end of the vibrator that wasn't in her cunt I pushed down towards her asshole so the end deep in her pussy hit her G Spot. She was really turned on and then she started to cum. Oh didn't she cum, she cum so hard she squirted! I've never made a woman squirt in my 54 yrs and she didn't know she could squirt.
She told me she want to make me take one in my ass, which I'm up for that, so she's bought a strap-on with 3 different sizes cocks. 1 for her cunt, 1 for her ass and 1 for MY ass. I've bought some lube for her and for me cos I told her I've bought a set of 3 butt plugs. So I'm getting my asshole ready for a fucking from her. I've got small, medium and large plugs, I start small and end up with the large one in my ass. I've sent her pictures of them in my ass and she fucking loves it. She's going to either lay me on my back so she can see my face as she fucks me or get me on my knees and fuck me like her bitch. Either way I'm looking forward and I can't wait for her to fuck my ass. She's got the 3 different sized cocks so she'll fuck me with the smallest one first. She can't wait to give me an ass fucking. Lots of lube and a strap-on cock in my ass. I can't wait...

2 months ago


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    • Luck you are

    • Where are you from?

    • I think so too. I've been getting my ass ready with lube and butt plugs.

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