Boyfriends Friends cock

My boyfriend and I were having a drink in the house at the weekend. We were both getting drunk on Bacardi.

Suddenly he got up and went to the door and let in his mate. I’d never seen this guy before. He was in his mid to late 30s about 10 years or so on my. Wearing a tracksuit and stunk of BO. As we aren’t expecting company I was only in an oversize t shirt, CK thong and socks.

Long story short turns out it was his dealer. And he was getting some smoke. Me and him started arguing and he stormed out. Leaving me and his dealer in the house.

Next thing I know his dealer is asking me for money my bf owed from that night. I rang my bf and he said you pay. So I paid the way I knew would piss him off.

I walked over to the couch, left the phone on loudspeaker and straddled this horrid guy. I gripped his bulge in his pants and asked him would this suffice as payment as I grabbed his now erect cock from his joggers while hiking my shirt up. I quickly glanced down and noticed his matted pubes and crusty foreskin, ouzeing precum and a thick yellowish gunk. By now I was buzzed and called him a filthy pig, “your fucking lucky I’m horny and pissed off with my boyfriend or you’d never get this close to a hot piece like me”. He replied with “your a bit fat”.

I shouted to my bf on the phone I hope you listening and gripped this random strangers disgusting cock tighter and growled “so you won’t want this then” as I rammed his bare dirty cock, raw into my moist clean pussy past my thong and buried him up to his balls. As I rode him hard for all he was worth he grunted and groaned as he pumped a huge load inside my pussy. As quick as it started I climbed off to my disgust saw my pussy had cleaned his cock and presumably all his crust and dirt was now mixed inside me with his cum.

He stood up. Pulled up his joggers and left. My bf was completely raging when he returned home but he still fucked my dirty pussy.

24 days ago


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    • How to get an std 101. You fucked a druggie with yellow goop coming out of his shrimp dick

    • That was disgusting.

    • I second that. Who gets turned on to hearing about crusty bits? Oof.

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