My Sexy Wife Loves To Strip...

My sexy wife and I got married when we were only 18 and despite her very puritanical up bringing being the daughter of the local preacher in a small town my wife quickly changed into a wild hotwife who loved to expose her very hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body. Topped off by her long red hair and sparkling green eyes she was a real knock out. Around town she was still the timid little church mouse dressed to hide her killer body, her hair pulled up by all appearances still the quiet & conservative girl they all had come to know.

But behind closed doors was a completely different story. My friends who knew her were used to the shy conservative girl who always dressed very modestly. And most had no idea what she'd kept hidden under all those layers of bulky clothes. And were used to usually seeing her in a really dorky pair of glasses and her hair pulled up, like some old time school marm in a western movie. And I loved their reactions when they saw Lynn for the first time showing off her new look.

She'd wear her long red hair down, almost to her waist and the glasses were now in a drawer. She was wearing contacts, but something she wasn't wearing were bulky clothes that covered her sexy curves and for the first time wasn't wearing a bra. So as she moved around in her thin little tank tops you could see her nipples poking out through the fabric. She'd also bought some low cut and very loose fitting tops. That when she leaned over you could see those big yet firm tits and huge puffy auriolas that covered the end of her tits.

She also wanted to show off those long sexy legs and fantastic ass, so she cut off some tight jeans that looked almost like a g-string when she finished, and bought a few pair of Daisy Dukes. And to top off the outfits she'd wear 4" heels that put her at 6' tall and made her ass poke out a bit and really showed of her long perfect legs. Of course no one said anything about her new look, and they didn't have to, the look on their face and growing bulge in their pants said it all. She'd come to this decision of wanting to show off her sexy body she'd been hiding for 18 years after we had taken some nude photos one night. And after showing them to my best friend it had led us into a hot #-some with him.

As much as she enjoyed giving my buddies a peek at her tits & ass, she wanted to show them more. She also wanted them to see her in some of the outfits she'd ordered, at first to take pictures in. But she wanted guys to see how hot she looked in those as well and see her totally naked. Our first came one night when a friend named John had come over to watch a porn movie. I knew he was hot for Lynn because a mutual friend had been at his house one day when she drove by and waved, and they said for the rest of the day all he could talk about was how much he'd like to fuck her, and how hot she was.

Lynn wasn't there when he got there and while watching the movie he started asking questions about photography. He'd seen pictures I'd taken at car shows and stuff like that and thought they were really good, so he'd bought a camera just like mine. But it surprised me when he asked if I'd ever taken any nude pics of Lynn with it. I think he saw my surprise at the question and explained that he had been taking pictures of his girlfriend with a polaroid camera and wanted better quality pictures. I didn't blame him as his not quite yet 18-yo girlfriend was a real hottie. About 5-4, 130lb 36DD tits, long natural blonde hair. A bit heavy but the boobs & face made up for it.

So I reluctantly told him I had, I had to think about it because he was a bit older than us and wasn't as close a friend as the others. His main question was where to get them developed as we lived in a small very conservative town. So I told him a couple of places out of town that had ads in the back of most men's magazines. We talked a little more then got back to the movie. Then out of the blue, he said he'd show me some pictures of Lisa ( His GF ) If I'd show him some of Lynn. It kind of surprised me, but gave me an idea too. A way for Lynn to do her favorite thing " expose her sexy body off " and get to see Lisa naked if only in pictures.

So I told him I'd have to talk to Lynn because I'd promised not to show them to anyone. He seemed really disappointed but said he understood. It wasn't long until Lynn got home and once she'd gone in another room I said I'd go ask her about the pictures. I think he was nervous afraid she'd come in & tell him off or call him a pervert for asking such a thing. So after a few minutes I came back and said no that she didn't think she looked very good in the pictures. I could tell that had really burst his bubble. So we went on watching the movie.

But after a while Lynn came in the room, and though fully dressed and her hair up & glasses on still looked hot. She rarely wore make-up around town, but she had painted her nails a bright red to match her lipstick we'd jokingly started to call prostitute red. She had on dark eye liner and was putting of a kind of high end hooker look. She had on a black button up skirt & white button up long sleeve blouse with a black vest and her 4" heels. She said she was sorry about the pictures but she just didn't think she looked very good in them. And he said it was ok he understood.

But he got a surprise as she started to unbutton the vest and tossed it on a chair and then began to unbutton her skirt from the bottom up. All with a very stern look on her face. After tossing the skirt aside her blouse hung down like a dress covering her, but you could see where the top of her sheer stocking were hooked to the straps on a black garter belt. She slowly unbuttoned the blouse, still with that stern look. As she tossed it aside and she was standing there in a sheer black bra & panties. She got a little grin and said she knew how much I'd like to see Lisa naked so she though maybe if she showed him the real thing he might show me the pictures of his girlfriend.

It appeared that the show was over and he agreed to show me the pictures and he thanked her. But he soon found out she was far from over. She ran her hands over her sexy body fondling her big tits and rubbing her pussy through the sheer panties that looked more like a g-string. She turned her back and reached back groping her ass. Then untied the little bow on each side of the panties and tossed them aside with her bra soon joining it in the chair. As she turned to face us she let her hair fall down, tossing it from side to side.

She only had her garter belt & stockings heels & glasses left on. She walked over to the couch we were sitting on and leaned over to undo her shoes, with her big tits hanging down. After taking off her heels she put her foot between my legs rubbing my now hard cock and had me unhook the stocking and slide it down her long leg. Then moved to John having him unhook the other one as she rubbed his hard cock with her foot. She reached back and unhooked the garter belt, leaving only her big black round glassed. Then turned and sat down between us. No invitation was needed as we started sucking her big tits as she groped our cocks and then started to undo our pants.

We helped take our clothes off and she started to take turns sucking us off. Then had us stand trying to suck both cocks at once, pressing them together. But only getting the heads in her mouth. I'm over 9" and John was longer. But not as thick. She sat us back down and took turns sucking us again and having us suck on her tits. Then as she started sucking me again John moved behind her and started fucking her. We swapped around taking turns fucking her as she sucked the other off. Finally as John straddled her fucking her tits as she pressed them together she was sucking me off. But at one point she stopped sucking me off to move herself a little. And I got a surprise when John leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me off.

But it actually felt really good. But after a couple of minutes I moved back a little and he couldn't reach it. We were both about to cum and decided how hot it would be to cover my wife's face in cum which is what she'd wanted. And had left the glasses on thinking it would be cool to watch our cum coming at her with her eyes open and see the cum cover the glasses. And we both shot off like fire hoses, covering her face in thick cum. It was a surprise when John leaned down & kissed her cum covered mouth. But she'd loved the view from the glasses, seeing all that cum blasting at her.

We all cleaned up and John left soon after but made plans to bring Lisa's pics the next day and I showed him our pictures. We had a bunch of 3 somes with him after that. As well as a few years later getting to see Lisa naked for real after playing strip poker. And after them coming over and playing a few more times we ended up swapping partners and I got to fuck her. She never knew of our 3 somes or that John had even seen her naked in pics or for real or that we had seen her pictures. And nothing was ever mentioned again about John wanting to suck my cock. Which a few years later I'd have let him.

24 days ago

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    • Fucked my young hot bride Amy Friday after work. She then said lets do something, it's Fri night -- but I don't feel like getting all dolled up. Lets get subs and go to a drive-in movie. So with a couple 6 packs, subs off we go. She put on one of my oversized tank tops, panties and flip flops == half of her big tits are bulging out. I must say she looks like a payday whore who just got gang banged. "it's a drive in, no one sees me." It's a hot night she planed on taking the top off once the movie started, but 3 college guys pull up next to us. You could feel them ogling her -- I look a mess - these guys should see made up. 1 of the guys mocks "what's your favorite color" -- meant for his buddies to laugh -- she says "blue" for them to hear. We're in the last row hoping no one would be next to us, but the place filled up. Between movies I go for popcorn -- when I get back no Amy, no guys. WTF. I hear some chatter behind the shrubs. There Amy is naked doing a 360 so they can see all of her. They came to the move, the one guy never saw a naked woman, there was a disappointing 2 second topless part of the movie - they saw "some nudity" in the R rating. They told Amy while I was gone, and offered her money to strip -- she said that would make me a whore. They were like aw shucks. But then she said I'll do it for free.

    • See videos at :

    • Sounds like a hot night, When I was in my mid-teens I loved taking girls to the drive-in and had a spot near the back people avoided because the lights from the snack bar sign messed up the view. I got lots of hot blowjobs from some of the hottest girls In my high school and occasionally one would let me fuck them. One night I was fucking the hell out of a big titted blonde and all of a sudden my ass got cold but I kept plowing that pussy as she moaned like the little slut she was. Then I felt a hand on my back and realized it wasn't her's.

      About then someones telling me to slow down and I see a badge being held in front of my face and a flashlight shining around. We jumped up and reached for our clothes and he stops us. He was behind the wheel and I was in the middle. He was shining his light all over both of us. He asked if I'd shot off inside of her and she said no, but he told her to spread her pussy open for him to see for himself. He was moving his light from her tits to her pussy to my cock that surprisingly was still hard.

      He'd asked our names & age and was saying he could arrest us and take us to juvenile hall or call our parents. We begged him to let us go. He sat there quiet just moving his light over us. He commented on how big my cock was then looked at her and said can you take all of that when you suck his cock? She said not all of it. Then he said to try and if she could swallow it all he'd let us go. She started sucking me off and was taking most of it but I couldn't hold off and shot off in her mouth. She managed to swallow all of my cum. He said that's close enough and got out of the car and left. When he got in his car I saw he'd been behind us. And was driving a beat up pinto. I was really starting to wonder if he was really a detective. A few days later I asked a cop what a detectives badge looked like he pulled out a leather case with a badge & ID card. I asked if they ever just showed a badge he said not if they're a real police officer.

    • 1969 I'd take my hot (Jill 18) girlfriend 20 miles in the sticks to the Game Lands. We'd drink beer and fuck away till 3 AM. Listen to Beatles White 8 track, best Fuck music ever. One night it's 5 below freezing cold, the car running, heater blasting -- it must be 100 in the car, we're naked -- probably fucked 3x and a big old pickup pulls next to us. My Jill wraps herself in our fuck blanket. The guy has a badge claims to be Assistant Game Warden and has a gun.. Asked if we been hunting. Duh!! Anyway he spots some litter on the end of the gravel parking lot with his Ranger Rick Flashlight. "you kids are making a mess, now go pick it up, Honey."
      So she had to walk naked in the freezing cold to fetch a candy wrapper some hunter left probably. His truck had a super spotlight and he beamed that on her. "let this be a warning." Some shit like that he said.

    • My first girl friend was a redhead. We were both virgins and on our first date I got to second base. On the second date I got all of her clothes off and we fucked for the first time. We fucked almost every day for seven months until summer vacation. We kept in touch over the summer and I went to visit her at her parent's home. When the fall semester started, she didn't return to college. I called her and her father told me that she had decided to go to a different college.

    • Well, it sounds like you had one hell of a time while it lasted. And it could have been worse. When you called her father could have said she wasn't coming back to school because she was pregnant. And said you needed to come to talk to him in

    • Every redhead I ever knew or dated in my life was an exhibitionist, not sure why but it seems to be normal with them.

    • You might be on to something because she has a causing her same age who people thought they were sister because they look like twins. And like my wife her dad was a preacher too so she was raised very strictly. I'd always thought she'd be very conservative. But she and her husband asked us to spend a long weekend with them and another couple at a secluded cabin her father-in-law had in the mountains. The very first night there we were playing cards and had been drinking and she suggested playing strip poker. At first, the other girl said no. But a couple of drinks later gave in. I swear it was like a contest between my wife and her cousin to see who could lose first. We all ended up sleeping with someone else's wife in our individual rooms for the entire night. And did the same thing the next night with a different. And at my wife and her cousin's request, we stayed naked most of the weekend, both indoors & out. I also got a chance a few months later the have a threesome with my wife and the cousin. It was like being with twins.

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