Man that wants to suck a fat hard cock

I’m a man that has always loved sucking on a nice hard fat cock . I really enjoy having a soft cock inside of my mouth and feel it getting hard in my mouth . When he’s nice and hard I start to play with his cock . I’ll pull it out of my mouth and lick his cock like a lollipop from the fat head of his cock all the way down to his balls . I’ll suck his balls into my mouth 1? At a time . I just want to make him moan . When I’m working his cock inside of my mouth I’ll lick the head of his cock with my tongue all around the head of his cock . Trying to make him beg me to keep sucking on his cock . After a few minutes I start to go down on his cock all the way down to the back of my throat and hold him there as long as I can . As I’m sucking on his cock I keep looking up into his eyes to see the look on his face !
As he’s looks down at me he starts to tell to go faster and suck him harder because he wants to explode inside my mouth. So I keep going harder and faster until I can feel the head of his cock starting to swell inside of my mouth ! At this point I already know what he’s about to Cumm inside of my mouth so I go all the way down to swallow his load. All I could feel was squirt after squirt after squirt hitting the back of my throat. He had given such a large amount of Cumm I wasn’t able to swallow all of his Cumm some of it leaked out passed my lips but that was ok because it made me pull him out of my mouth and lick his cock and balls clean of all of Cumm .
I haven’t had a load of Cumm in my mouth for a long time .
I only hope this is going to happen very soon because I’m getting tired of jacking off and Cumm in my hand and lick my Cumm off and swallow it all down.
while I watch a gay porn movie with a lot of Cumm shoots !
I just want to have the real thing inside of my mouth and my ass .

2 months ago


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    • Had the pleasure of sucking a tall guys tiny micro dick, I did for him what was obviously never done, made him cum three times, nearly sucked that little clit off. MORE PLEASE.

    • I have the same fantasy to get my hands on a bbc I want to wear panties and b his bitch I want his black cock deep n my ass and I want to suck it for hours n then I want to taste every drop in my mouth not down my throat that is a waste I want the cum n my mouth for a few then swallow I like wearing booty shorts n I have never had a black cock but I dream of it

    • I am very straight acting in public but behind closed doors I'm a freak I like to lay around in my booty shorts and give good head and then I want you to bury your bbc n me

    • There's nothing like having a sissy suck your cock, then gripping his head as you're about to cum, so he can't pull away and feeling him gagging as you pump your thick cum down his throat!!

    • Sounds good would like to taste it

    • I wish I was near you to give you my cock to suck it

    • I'd like a good pro blow job from a guy who knows how to take cock. I'd love your tongue in my asshole as you stroke my hard cock. I've had a few rimmings and they drive me fucking wild. I might even suck your cock as long as you don't cum in my mouth.

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