My mates watch and fillm me fucking my girlfriend

Took my ex girlfriend to a car park in some woods once. But before that I told 5 of my mates to be there hiding with cameras ready. I drove into the woods and parked my car I started to kiss her and biting her neck I put my hand on her titts and start playing then she said no stop someone might be watching . I told her don't be silly and started pulling her nipples hard lowering my head I unbuttoned her top and ripped her bra off completely sucking and biting her sexy fat titts she loved me biting them . I pushed one hand up her skirt parting her legs grabbeb the gusset of her knickers ripping them off to and pushed 3 fingers up her fat pussy hard kissing her and tell her I'm going to fuck you outside you bitch and don't care who sees us . I get out my car walking to her side opening her door as she gets out I pull her top completely off grabbing her I start kissing her and unzipped her skirt pushing it off . She now completely naked apart from her leather boots. What she didn't know was my mates were all filming us. Watching me bend her over my car bonnet I nelt down spreading her arse cheeks and start licking her ass and pussy out. She had both her titts in her hands sucking them. I take my top off and drop my pants my cock standing very proud I'm turned on like fuck knowing we being watched and filmed. I turned her around lifting her onto my bonnet I opened her legs wide and start licking her pussy and sucking her clit she starts shouting at me bite my clit bite it hard now. Make me cum you dirty sexy bastard make me squirt all over your face. I lifted my head up positioning my cock into her pussy I put her legs over my shoulders and start banging my cock up her hard as fuck grabbing her fat juicy titts sucking and biting her nipples. She starts screaming out louder and louder telling me to bite and fuck her harder I tell her your not bothered if anyone watching now are you being fucked in the woods naked apart from your boots you dirty nasty slut. She says let um watch couldn't give a fuck if they stand at the side if me perving "I just new my mates would be wanking themselves off seeing her naked like that. I push her titts to her mouth telling her fucking suck um you bitch I grab her legs her leather boots ither side of my head. I pull out of her pussy pulling her so her arse is hanging over lifting her legs higher I grab my cock forcing it into her ass. She says no your not fucking my ass out here. I grabbed her by the throat with one hand and slapped her face I grabbed the back if her head pulling it towards me saying as I pushed all the way up her fat arse you are and I am fucking it you fucking slut I possition her head so she can see my cock disappearing inside her ass. Pounding her harder and harder she says watching my cock fuck me then shouting go on fuck my ass hard not hard enough she said come on fuck it harder and deeper all of a sudden a car came on the car park drove past us slow watching us . She said now we know people are watching us fuck my ass like a who're cum inside my sluty who're ass hole cum inside me why they watch us . She lied back across the car and started sucking and playing with her titts and nipples pulling them hard making them huge looking over towards the car so they could see her sucking her nipples. This bitch was actually loving it putting a show on for them. She starts moaning louder and louder saying to me the thought of them actually watching us and they more than liikly wanking off and fingering them selves. Over us is turning me on . I pull out of her and pull her off my car walking her to the front so they could get a better view I push her over my bonnet face down spreading her legs I grab both her hands holding them behind as I push inside her ass I make her grab her ass cheeks spreading them wide as I slap her ass hard telling her now they can see us better I grab the back of her head pulling her hair telling her have it you dirty anal cum slut she starts moaning like crazy saying they actually going to see you cum in my ass hole . Oh fuck fuck fuck she says they going see. me cuming see me orgasm all over you cock. Cum in me now cum deep inside my dirty slut who're ass she starts shaking and screams OH my fucking god I'm cuming I grab her hips as I push as deep as I can I'm cuming you dirty sexy anal slut I'm cuming deep inside you. I colaps on top of her I pull out turning her round kissing her hard both of us tounging each other's mouth. Suddenly she squats in front of me and positions her self so they can see she grabs my cock sucking it hard deep throating and sucking like her life depends on it. It's only when I look down I realised that she was squating down with her legs open facing the car fingering and fisting her pussy as she sucks my cock. She then starts slapping her pussy hard a few times then fists herself. See her putting this amazing show on for them I know she loves being watched. She starts sucking me harder and harder still fisting her pussy I can tell she going to cum again which also makes my cock throb and twitch . I tell her I'm going to cum im going to cum inside your mouth she shouts out fuck I'm squirting I've made my pussy squirt just for them. I grab her head pushing my cock deep inside her mouth squirting loads and loads down her fucking throat. She stands up faces the car and puts the fist and fingers full if cum and juices into her mouth sucking and licking every finger clean. By this time I've completely forgot about my mates filming us. She got back into my car placing her ass on the seat first leaving the door open she lied down on her back putting her head in my lap spreading her legs wide open so her pussy is facing the other car. She said watch me. She started playing with her titts sucking and biting them as I watched, she looked deep into my eyes as she started fingering her pussy and slapping it moaning and screaming saying I'm a dirty fucking who're playing with myself so they can see me. My cock in now rock hard pressing against her head. She said MMM. Someone else is enjoying people watching she turned her head unzipped my pants pulling it out a sucked me off still fingering herself. She started fingering harder and harder and started to shake, fuck fuck I'm going to cum I'm going to squirt again she said out loudly. She sat up saying get those pants off . She climbed on top of me grabbing my cock guiding it inside her pussy as she bounced up and down on my cock her titts bouncing everywhere, she grabbed my head pulling my mouth onto her waiting hard nipple saying suck them bite them slamming her pussy down on my cock harder and harder, suddenly she stopped pulling my cock out and guided it inside her ass. She was now riding me deep inside her ass bouncing up and down leaning back saying cum in my ass again . And started playing with her pussy , IT wasn't long and we both came again We both got back into our seats I pulled my pants up leaving them undone Sharon started getting dressed, I told her no you stay as you are I want you to touch and play with yourself why I drive home. I leant over grabbing the seat adjuster leaning her seat back . SHE put her top on leaving it open no bra on and no knickers because they were in my pocket from when I ripped them of her. She said what if people are her I replied so what you fucking love being watched , It turns us both on. I told her now shut the fuck up and play with yourself you dirty fucking teasing slut. She started sucking herfingers seductively making them wet tthen touched her nipples as I dtove off the carpark she was starting to moan, I loooked down she had her legs spread wide touching her pussy and fingering herself. I started getting turned on and started talking dirty to her calling her a dirty nasty slut, my cock was rock hard again. I grabbed my phone turned it around in it's holder pressed the camera button and started to record her . I pulled ontp the road and 2 of my mates waved me down . I said shit look who's here she looked up trying to cover herself up . I said don'tyou dare keep playing with yourself. I said don'tyou dare keep playing with yourself. I pulled to the side of the road my mates faces when they seem what was going on. They was going to ask for a lift but said it's ok we can see your busy . I said don't be silly lads get in the back, my girlfriend stopped touching herself, I told her keep doing it . I raised my voice seying play with yourself you dirty fucking slag . MY mates couldn't take there eyes of Sharon's body. SHE turned sideways spreading her pussy and started rubbing and slapping her pussy and clit. One of my mates unzipped his pants pulling out his huge 11 inch cock . He said oh fuck Shazza you made my cock hard you exibition slut. He started wanking off very hard and rough Sharon started watching and moaning saying oh fuck you cock is huge MMM. My other friend pulled his psnts down and wanked off, Shazza was now sucking her huge titts with now hand fingering herself with the other.. I pulled over to the side of the road and told her get in the back with my mates. She looked at me saying what the fuck. Get in the fuvking back seat and sit in the middle . I repositioned my phone as she sat between them both . I told her put one leg over each of them . Both my mates grabbed hold spreading her pussy wide open . Touch yourself you dirty fucking nasty slut. Lean back and play with your titts and pussy like you did before on the carpark with people watching you. Them in the car and I bet other people watched us to. What you mean other people Shazza said, 5 of my mates these 2 and 3 more . They both started telling her what she did calling her a outdoors exibition whore .

28 days ago

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