Sister gangbanged

I'm a 43 year old guy married two kids,I've got an older sister,13 years older actually,she's just recently gone through a divorce,Kelly was always the sensible one,very quiet unassuming,a plain Jane then,a few weeks back I decided to go down the pub,it wasn't my local but I new all the lads,it was a good night the football was on,then around 10ish my sister of all people walked in the door! Christ what are you doing in here sis? I'm allowed to go out arnt I!! Yeah of course I didn't mean it like that,I just didn't expect to see you in here that's all,she'd already had a few drinks then she disappeared into the lounge,an hour or so went by and I hadn't seen her so I wondered into the lounge,no sign of her? I could see something was going on in the pool room so went to the door,one of my mates grabbed me and said you don't want to go in there pal! Puzzled I said why? OK don't say I didn't warn you 🤔 I pushed the door slowly,I didn't expect to see what I saw! My sister Kelly was stark naked on the pool table,a guy was sniffing coke off her tits and my mate was fucking her,I looked around,there must have been 20 guys lined up,go on fuck the slut they were shouting,something made me watch all of them do her! I had a tap on the shoulder,it was my mate,the one that warned me! I told you he said,now get out of the way it's my turn,as he fucked Kelly he said something to her,she lifted her head and looked at the door where I was standing! Your turn she pointed straight at me,now I said it wasn't my local so most of the guys in there didn't know this was my sister on the pool table! Go on mate fuck the dirty slut! I walked over to her,my mate had just cum in her battered cunt! He was the only one that knew she was my sister,you can't back away little brother,they'll all think your gay! Kelly grabbed my cock through my trousers,fuck me cmon! Wtf!! I was already hard,Kelly guided my cock to her sticky cunt! I was fucking my own sister being egged on by a bunch of strangers! It wasn't long and I was ready to cum,bang! I was shooting my load in my sister,I had a round of applause,Kelly just winked at me,I put my cock away and walked back towards the door,there was a que around the corner,I fucked off home,my mate phoned me the next day to see if I was alright? Charming I thought! He said your sister fucked at least 50 guys last night! What was that about? I can't explain it to this day

26 days ago

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    • I want to eat all their cum from my sister Kimberly

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