Sex with older brother

When I was 35 my brother why is 39 years old. He came to live with me in my apartment for a little while while he had a job up here by me. The one night he decided to stay home and drink some beers and found some hard liquor in my cabinet so he drank it he got so drunk he turn around and started telling me I look sexy. I looked at him and I said why do you think that he says I always thought you were sexy. Then he asked me what do you think of me I said you're good looking that's about it. He turn around a few minutes later he was so drunk he started pulling his pants down. He decided to take his shoes off then he took his pants off slowly but surely he talked his underwear off and started dancing with just a shirt on the music that was being played and asked me do you like what you see bouncing I said it's not bad he was be serious I know you like it and I know you had it before I said how who do you think I had it with if you know I had it before he said don't lie to me he goes family knows everything I said how. He says I know who you had it with your first time he goes and I know you did it more than once with them for a while and then found. I said who wasn't my first time he looked at me and he said I know it was your friend Danny and you guys did it in the basement on the couch for your first time I said how did you know that he said there was some wet spots when I came home to watch TV I turned around and said okay you caught me but who is my second person and he turned around and he said your friend Steve and I said what do we do he said you guys kissed first I know that and you guys turned around on top of it and pull your pants down and start sucking each other I don't know if you guys tried anal but I think that would be a great thing to try I said what makes you think that I have a gay friend and he says it's wonderful you should try it. My brother then said would you like to try it I said what anal he said yes and sucking I know you like it a lot I never had it ever I'm a guy or I never a guy ever in my life but I am very curious about it. The reason why I'm asking you is your clean and I want to do it with somebody who is 100% clean. I turned around I said you know I got a roommate he goes yes I know will he be home tonight I said thank God no he won't be home for the next two nights my brother said cool let's go to you are bedroom I said okay before I can even get to the bedroom my brother unbutton my pants pulled my pants down over my shoes never even took them off. He then ripped my underwear off looked at my dick and said wow that's a nice little four inch dick I said no it's a five and a half he just looked at me and said it's hard I know it's only four and a half maybe at most I said how big are you he said I think I might be a 6 and 1/2 7 soft maybe seven and a half hard. I said cool he asked me nicely do you have any room here at the house and I said no I do not but let me just be on the safe side and check my roommate's room he had a couple of friends over last week when I was gone and some stuff went on I looked in one of his drawers I found a few play toys and some lube so I brought the play toys made sure they were thoroughly clean my brother looked at me and said this is water based Lube it's the best kind you won't get. I said okay cool tell my brother turned around pick me up paid me on my bed kneel down start rubbing my dick and he was rubbing my dick he was drinking more liquor and beer looking at me in a weird way he says do you mind if I taste it I said you seen it already why not go for it so he did 10 minutes while you're after so I can get a little by little he looked at me and said it tastes I like I think I like dick in my mouth and I might be bisexual I looked at him and said okay. Then he looked at me and said it's your turn on me I looked at him and I said okay no problem so he stood there I put his dick in my mouth and started going at it he was enjoying moaning and groaning and quivering he loved it that much couple minutes later he pulled out of my mouth grab the lube put some in his butthole grab my dick put some on bend over and said stick it in me big boy I want to feel you so I did he enjoyed so much never even screamed once I looked at him and said how do you take it for the first time like a man he said I am so drunk and relax it doesn't hurt I told him I tried a play toy in my one time and I could not relaxed it hurt he said I don't know it just don't hurt me. So I stopped he turned around grab the lube put a little on his dick a little on my butt and slowly put just ahead of it inside me and was bouncing back and forth in and out lately he asked me does that feel good I said kind of he says I think you can't take a full dick in you like me but you enjoy it a little he goes I want to try something else and I want you to be truthful with me you tell nobody about this I said sure she says to me after that please I want you to let me jerk you off until you're ready to come and let you get soft again and do it like 20 times and I said sure So I let him he told me to do the same to him so we did we got so full of come by that time we were harder than a brick he looked at me grab the loop again put some more on my dick and told me for the little on my butthole so I did he looked at me grab me start kissing me and asked me if I liked it and I said sure I do he said I liked it to now stick it in me pump me like you love me and you're my b**** so I did he kept telling me keep going keep going I know you're not done I must have did him for about a half hour I got so close to coming one time he stopped me then he told me to keep going keep going so I did he goes I feel your dick is throbbing you're ready to come do it go for it let it all out inside so I did after that he grabbed the Lube put it on his dick stuck it inside my butt just ahead and started going in and out little and said do you like it I said yes I enjoy it she did it for about 5 minutes I felt his dick start driving cuz he was so drunk he couldn't hold it back he said do you mind that I said go for it so he came inside me he looked at me he says we are not taking showers we are holding this stuff inside each other and tomorrow morning I'm sucking you off no matter if I'm drunk or not I say go for it so he did. Is that wrong to be doing.

1 month ago

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