My best friends brothers dick

It was the night that I lost my virginity my best friends brother Jake was in the living room my best friend Emma just left and I was still at her house I went down stairs to see Jake was holding his big hard cum filled cock I walked over and stared my mouth filling with spit.He asked if I wanted to try I was in dis belief he was a senior in high school and I was only a junior so I just said fuck my pussy first so he fingered me and then stuck his cock in it was dry,hard,and most importantly big.I was scream and moaning in a good way I probably dreamed of this moment for a while.Then Emma came house and saw him licking my pussy.She started to scream we both looked at her.She called me a whore a slutty bitch and a fucking ass whole.
I was so mad.But Jake went over to Emma and slapped her in the face saying I’ll fuck who I want bitch.
Now me and Emma are no longer friends but me and Jake are married and have 2 kids together in Florida.But lost contact with Emma.But o follow her on Facebook and she has 4 kids and is pregnant right now.But right now her brother is still fucking me.(I’m now 23 and Jake is 24.)

1 month ago

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    • Every Tue night my friend Sally would come over and watch her favorite TV Show. I had cable and she didn't. She asked if it was OK if she brought her friend Jill. Sure why not. I meet Jill and she's like wow, I'm gonna fuck her, and she was thinking the same -- got that vibe. Jill seems seems bored with the show, Let's listens to the Stones in the other room. (it's my bedroom) -- Sure -- She just laughs when she sees the bed. In no time we're naked and fucking. So every Wed we're fuck buddies. We both have a steady other, our perfect storm. About our 4th Tue I'm giving Jill oral and Sally walks right in the room. OMG! Sorry! -- She had to ask Jill something during an ad. I tell Jill lie, Tell her I like giving oral you do nothing in return. We'll it not long after that Sally comes over on Thursdays just for oral, nothing in return but thank you handjob.
      Sally and Jill -- old school 3 way 1975

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