My gay roommate fucked me last night while I was high on Ecstasy.

Ryan has been my roommate just for this school year because we are both out of state transfers. I knew he had a crush on me or at least wanted the novelty of fucking a straight guy. Last night at a Halloween party I took ecstasy like I had a few times before. It does make me horny but this time was ten fold. I was craving human touch. I then hooked up when a fat girl but she kicked me out at 3am.
I got back to my dorm and acted like I was drunk, knocking stuff over and being loud. When I was sure Ryan was watching me I pretended to pass out on top of my covers naked. He climbed into bed with me and started immediately feeling me up, it felt amazing on Ecstasy. I could not stop moaning. He then got naked and started Luding me up. He took it slow penetrating my ass but even the pain felt amazing. He got off, then sucked me off. He told me he never had a partner orgasm that hard.
Woke up around an hour ago with him spooning me. I left and acted like I didn't remember most of it. Not sure what I should do. I definitely don't find men attractive. I also can't believe I hooked up with a fat girl. I am dreading going back to my dorm room and facing Ryan. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

2 months ago

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    • You should bury your face in Ryan’s ass and lick his butt. Then you should suck his hard cock and let him cum all over your face

    • I was seduced as a freshman by a sophomore friend that I knew was gay.....we smoked pot together and I admit that I was acting higher than I really was...I secretly wanted to make out with him, he'd tease me sometimes about "him taking my sweet little ass" and I'd blush at the thought. It was after school, my underpants were a mess from our passionate kissing which was his foreplay to fucking my cherry 🍒 boy's butt. I'd came in my underpants twice just from his passionate play and bottoming happened without a struggle. My briefs lost in 6he bedsheets we giggled and I walked about smoothly hairless. We showered and I more than willingly sucked for my first time. I want home pantyless, my underpants lost to a really good cause !

    • You kucky guy, id like a friend like him

    • I'm failing to see the problem here. You were horny, he was willing, you let it happen, and you enjoyed it. Congratulations on being willing to experiment! It doesn't have to change your life, or your relationship with Ryan.
      If you ever feel like getting fucked or having a guy suck your cock again, you know you have someone available and close by. If you never get the urge to try it again then don't. Let your lust be your guide, but you get to choose what labels apply to you and which don't.

    • Good reply !

    • Get his dick in your mouth

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