Boyfriend irritated by my liking to use a sex toy with him

I like to use a vibrator on my clit when we make love. I always still make love to him. In fact, I suck his cock while I am using the vibrator on my clit and it helps me cum, makes sex feel super good right afterwards. We always have intercourse and he always has an orgasm too. So what's the problem? We both orgasm, we both love sex and each other, but he complains about me using it "every time, it could end up replacing him, can I do it alone without him." No is my answer to using it without him as I love to share sex and pleasure with him and I don't want to hide using it like many women do. That's not me. The vibrator can never replace him and I've reassured him of this. It cannot replace his love, his friendship, his caring, sex, his protection, etc. I have explained all this to him. We have sex whenever he wants to, I have never said no, I don't understand why he's making an issue out of my just having pleasure with a vibrator during sex with him. He gets oral sex, intercourse and he told me I was stubborn tonight. I think he's being threatened by some silicone and batteries when he should just be enjoying watching his girlfriend have an orgasm. A lot of men would find it sexy and he did for a long time. He did watch me tonight before we made love. He's given me oral sex but he doesn't do it long enough for me to cum, and he is frequently not feeling well, so he's not reliable enough to count on to have oral sex every time we have sex. The complaints about me wanting to use the vibrator in our lovemaking every time are getting to me and I am going to not want to have sex with him if I can't have sex the way I like it. What should I do?

1 month ago

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    • Hubby is bored with you. Run off with Bob ( battery-operated boyfriend ).

    • I love using toys! Just last night me and my girlfriend were in bed, we both wanted a release, but with minimal effort. So she laid down in front of me with a leg each side of me, I was sitting up with a leg each side of her, now with her pussy only inches away from my cock! Using the magic wand I gave her 2 loud orgasms, the second one I had slipped my cock inside and I could feel the vibrations going through her pussy. She then said she wanted to see me cum using it, I was happy to!! I slipped my cock just inside her and used the toy on the head of my cock, wow it was amazing!! In no time at all my cock was twitching away as I was about to erupt a full weeks load inside her! It was out of this world, then without pulling out I started on her again with the toy, and she then had her third orgasm with my cock and leaking cum as she did, hmmmm!!!

    • He's over the sex toys being anything but fun now. He goes right to the drawer where it's kept now, gets it out, and we're using it all the time now. He doesn't care anymore, has accepted it, and likes it. What a change, but men are practical and he's very into keeping me happy and finding solutions to everything. He's smart, he knows I have lots of options as he said he noticed how many people look at me on our second date.

    • Toys are the best!

    • I'll never understand why men don't like using toys in the bedroom. In any other avenue of life, most men will go out of their way to buy a power tool that makes things easier, but for some reason in sex they start getting all self-conscious. My wife and I use toys all the time, and I love it. She only orgasms by clit stimulation, and vibrators make my job way easy. What's not to love?

    • You sound like an amazing husband who goes out of his way to make sure his wife is happy.

    • I have bought a couple vibrators for my wife over the years. No problem one of them I would see in her shower bag about 3 times a week. So I knew when I was at work at she showed she was handling biz

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