I went total cock ca over this bitch

Yes I lost my mind over this woman. The first time I saw her I knew I had to get that pussy. The best thing was she was blind. Yes stone cold blind. Really beautiful sexy young blonde girl with a killer body. Nice big booty, tits, and big thick thighs. I went right into attack mode. I sat across from her at an outside Cafe ' . I started talking to her and made her smile. I asked her to pass the sugar. She did so and I took hold of her hands and held them as I got the sugar then handed it back to her. I was well on my way. She commented about my large hands with long fingers. We enjoyed the early morning talking and laughing and just enjoying the moment. When she left I followed her hanging back to her house. I know new where she lived. I didn't see anyone else around so I felt confident about things.

The next day she didn't come to the Cafe' . I went back everyday. No Lindsey. Then the next week there she was . I asked her if I could join her and she said yes. We sat drinking our coffee and chatting . I asked her about herself and I learned she lived with a girlfriend . She wanted to know about me. I told her I was a Jazz musician and invited her to come listen one evening. She said okay . I told her to bring her friend. Things were going great. I continued to go to the Cafe' . One day on a Friday after coffee I asked her to take a walk in the park with me. She agreed and we walked arm in arm. I was really excited. She smelled so wonderful. Her long golden hair smelled like a warm spring day. After we walked I told her I would see her home if she liked. She said yes and I asked her address . I walked her home and invited her to come hear me play that Saturday night. She agreed and I told her the address and the club name.

I could hardly wait for Saturday to come. I was beyond excited. I told the club owner she was coming and to save a table for two right up front. It was around 9:30 and the set was half over. Then I spotted her and her friend. A gorgeous brunette. I hit the jackpot. The club owner seated them at the table. After our set I pulled up a chair and sat down. I kissed her on the cheek and introduced myself to her lovely friend. They were both enjoying the music. Her friend complimented my guitar playing. After three more sets the evening was done. I asked them to come to dinner with me down the street at a friend's place. They agreed and down the street we went. We had a wonderful time everything was going great. Then the friend says she had to go and she would see Lindsey later in the morning.

Lindsey invited me to her house and I accepted . I was really pleased how things were going. Outside the restaurant we paused and she pulled me down a bit so we could kiss. Then we walked back to her place. Once inside she asked me to sit on the sofa next to her. We began to kiss and make out. I removed her top and then her bra. I kissed her bare breast. She was rubbing me through my jeans . My cock got super hard super quick. She told me to take her to the second door at the top of the stairs. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Once inside she started undoing my pants and we both were naked standing face to face touching and kissing. She grabbed my cock and remarked how big I was. I told her she made me so excited.

She felt her way down my legs infront of me and began to suck my cock. I moaned loudly as she clearly knew what she was doing. I wanted her so badly but didn't want to rush things. I lifted her up and walked her back to the bed. She climbed on the bed and centered herself. I spread her sexy thick thighs and began to lick her swollen mound. She ran her fingers through my long dark hair. I continued licking her clit and ran my tongue down around her other hole. Her body tasted amazing . Eventually she pulled me up and I used my fingers on her for a short time. Then I used the tip of my cock to get her juices really going. She took hold of me and guided me in. I began pumping my big cock into her warm wet opening and she used her nails up and down my back grabbing my ass. She said my ass was so nice and round . I thrust deep inside her and she arched her back . I took hold of her breast and suckled them. Her brass bed was extremely noisy as I pumped and thrust into her. I put my hands on her sexy big soft plump ass and held on. She was moaning very loudly and telling me to not hold back . I didn't I just pumped harder and faster until I exploded inside her. I kissed her and stroked her hair from her face. She was the most beautiful white lady I've ever seen in my life. I didn't care she was blind. Not one bit.

Soon we were together all the time. I was making love to her most nights while her friend lay down the hall listening to us. I knew I couldn't live without Lindsey. So one Saturday night in the middle of our set I proposed to her. She said yes . We got married right away . We had the wedding at the local church and reception at the club. Now we have two of the most beautiful little girls . I'm so happy . Her friend moved out and got a place nearby. Sometimes you just have to take a chance . You never know how it will turn out. Better to have loved and lost then never have loved at all. I am married to the most wonderful lady. She is all I need to make me happy. That and our tiny family.

1 month ago

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    • Not what I was expecting after seeing the title... lovely story though x

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