I can't believe that he turned me into his personal whore...
How can you do this I asked with a lump on my throat... he simply pushed me down on my knees held head and forced his cock in my mouth.. it started limp but it soon got extremely ridged and every time i tried to grab it he would pull out and slap me you're not he would say it ..and place the head on my lips look at me bitch loooooook at meeeee. open your mouth and suck it tell me you want it tell me you want it all ... I WANT IT ALL and i'd return on him fucking my face till he shot his load in my mouth...... he wouldn't let me up till i sucked all of it including the residual cum from his shaft..... i cried for the first cpl of weekends and would ask my husband to skip his golf games and stay home on the weekends .....
He would look at me and say nope my clients is what keeping us doing well...
I used to go to the gym when he played golf.... till the most embarrassing thing happened ..i sneaked outback got behind a dumpster and was sucking off a muscular guy when i herd MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
I panic and they guy ran off like a lightning bolt ..since then my son has held me hostage as his personal sex whore... i've been fucked more then a prostitute ...i'm talking4 times a day ...he doesn't cum sometimes but just fucks me,and leaves .... sometime makes me masturbate in front of him and if he gets hard i have to suck him at the same time..... i have to time it perfectly ..i have to cum at the same time he cums.. or things get worst ... my ass is not built for anal and it hurts

2 months ago

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