I made my wife perform oral sex on a friend

My wife and I had only been married about 6 months. I was a really kinky husband. She was 18 and I was 21 . I loved hearing her tell me about past relationships. I got off on listening to my sexy young wife recounting her exploits before me. Including her giving head to a couple guys she went out with a couple times. So I decided that I wanted my young bride to blow my friend . I invited him to spend the night at our apartment. I told Allison that I would really be super turned on if she would suck my buddies cock. She really didn't want to. I bugged her and promised to take her on a nice little vacation if she agreed. She relented and it was set. My friend slept on the pull out sofa . Allison went to him about an hour after we went to bed. She went in wearing only her short little satin robe. Nothing else. I followed her ten minutes later. She was laying naked across his thighs and licking his hard cock. She started sucking on him and I pulled my cock out and began to stroke. My buddy was at least four inches longer than me . I felt really small. Allison continued to suck his cock . I was feeling pretty bad about it. Before I knew what happened he blew his wad in her mouth. Allison and I went back to bed. It was really quiet. I asked her if she liked him better. She said she wished that she stood up to me and said no. She told me right then never again so don't ask. She said I could suck the cock next time. It truly was a big mistake. As soon as I shot my load I felt terrible . I guess I had buyers remorse. Take it from me . Don't play sexual games with your wife or girlfriend. I made her feel like a piece of meat.

1 month ago

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    • My wife was a good girl before we started dating. She had only done a few hand jobs for a couple of guys but never fucked. I took her to my dorm room after our first date and quickly had her naked on my bed and fucked her taking her virginity. I wanted her to have sex with my friends but she always said no. However, once we were married she told me to invite one of my friends over so he could fuck her. We had four of my friends over for the next two years. My wife said that once we were married she knew that I wouldn't divorce her from having sex with other guys.

    • The craziest thing I did.
      I was 20 and went to visit my bf after Easter mass. He works at a fulfillment center, he'd been working long hours for 6 days in a row & this started a 2 days off break. I admit, I was horny and needed some bedroom time with him! I went to his apartment right after mass. I was wearing my white lace dress and had spent a lot of time on hair & makeup. My plan was to bang him then we could go out for lunch.
      I got there and he's already hammered half a bottle of whiskey and was almost passed out.
      I tried and tried to get him hard so I could at least ride him. No luck. There was a knock on the door. It was Ben. He's 18, polite, quiet, shy, chubby and the son of the people that own the apartment my bf rents from. He comes over and we game. He asked if he could hang out with us today.
      My bf says, "Sure. Can you do me a solid? I need you to F**k Christie because I can't right now." I whispered, 'are you serious?' He said, "I'm good with it if you are. I'm sure Ben can get it up for you. He thinks you're hot." My bf closed his eyes on the couch and that was it.
      I could tell Ben was a little embarrassed. I thought 'what the hell'. We went to the bedroom and I gave him oral. He got hard quickly and we had sex.
      No one talked about it later. I have a feeling I was Ben's first too.
      I'm still with my bf. He controls his whiskey consumption much better when he knows I'm coming over.

    • You never know how your wife or girlfriend is going to react to sexual games. When we first got married my wife and I would go to the club she loved to dance. I had two left feet I couldn't dance to save my life. I would sit and watch her dancing with guys. Some had thire hands all over her body. We would go home and fuck like crazy. She knew that I was getting turned on watching her. That's how it started with her fucking other guys. We go to the club I watch her with guys. One night she was dancing with a guy then I watched her walk outside with him. She came back in about 30 minutes later and sat down next to me. I asked her what that was all about. She told me that she sucked him off in the parking lot. After that night there was no stopping her. I gave her a pass and I became a cuckold. She would bring guys home and fuck them in our bed. After she had me fuck her wet pussy and lick her clean afterwards. All women are different just be careful about what turns you on. She may become a slut that you have to deal with for the rest of your life.

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