Sex On Wheels

When I was 16 my first job was at a popular restaurant which sat near the interstate on the outskirts of town. I often had to work the closing shift during the summer months while out of school. Thankfully, I had my own vehicle so I never had to bother being picked up by my parents. The only thing I had to worry about is sneaking in quietly whenever I came home late. Often when I got off work I enjoyed going for a long night drive. I would take the top off the car, crank the music up, hit the interstate and go, go, go. But the fun didn't stop there. I was the typical horny 24/7 teenage boy. I had always been an exhibitionist from the time I was little and I vividly recall hours spent running around in the backyard during the heat of Summer, butt naked, through a water sprinkler. I loved any opportunity to be naked and show off my wee-wee. Cruising along Interstate-75 was no different. I loved taking my shirt and shorts off and driving naked. It was the zenith of freedom. I had a home made sign I would put in the back window that read "Gay Boy On Board" because like they say, it pays to advertise. I would then roll along masturbating under the moonlight as well as under my interior light at somewhere around 70 miles an hour. I had a perpetual rock hard boner that required constant amusement and a mouth that was always thirsty for cum so I would speed along showing off for truckers who passed alongside me in the other lane. Some nights I wanted to just keep on driving that little red car into the night and never go back. I suppose it's because I grew up in a small town in the south where being gay was usually something to be kept secret. Especially at that time. There was no real nightlife, so to speak of, at least not for guys interested in other guys. So looking for pleasure and some kindred company became a covert act of sneaking around. By chance one night while I was out for a drive on that seemingly infinite stretch of asphalt a trucker managed to get my attention and my unclothed 16 year old body had obviously gotten his too and what happened on a dark, deserted off ramp in the middle-of-nowhere was a very fun time with a very nice and very appreciative guy. We had both parked on the shoulder of the road, in the midnight blackness, on the edge of the tree lined woods. I sat there in my car on pins and needles, literally about to squirt a jizz spritz from excitement. He pumped his brake lights a few times so I assumed he wasn't getting out. Still I waited. Then I realized that I should go to him. So, I opened my car door, got out, and stood beside my car for a moment wearing nothing but my blue high-top Nike's. He pumped his brakes again lighting the surrounding area and my skin in bright red as the cars below on the roadway zoomed by. I decided to walk toward his driver side door. My penis led the way out in front of me and I simply followed. When I got to his door he had the window down and said very casually, "Hi there". I replied with excessive exuberance, "Hey, what's up"? I then remember him saying "Looks like your dick is". And I let loose a youthful and less than guy-like giggle. He grinned and asked me "Do you like to give blowjobs?" and I told him "No...i "L O V E" to give blowjobs!" And with that he invited me into the cab of his truck. I knew as I stood there erect and naked on the side of the exit ramp, being ogled by this friendly and anxious older man, that i was about to enter a whole new world. It all seemed so easy, as well as exciting, dangerous, and naughty. That night the semen that splashed on my tongue and oozed down my throat tasted better than even imaginable. I didn’t necessarily intend to seek out this type of late night rendezvous. Instead it sort of found it’s way to me by way of blinking headlights, the sound of a horn, and eventually an open door to a big-rig which aroused a mouthwatering curiosity in me. To this day I look forward on a regular basis to all my guys who come through the area and they look forward to seeing me. It breaks up the monoteny of their long road trips. I also constantly get to meet new firends. Some just for a little while and others becoming long time Blow-n-Go buddies. For the longest time due to my red car I had the nickname "Little Red Express" up and down that piece of highway and the truckers would all talk to each other about me. I miss that car. I miss being 16 too. Things are slowly changing. These days with camaras everywhere, and tracking on rigs, and in an effort to make things safer, there's a more aggressive approach from law enforcement, trysts such as these are becoming more difficult. In some ways that may be a good thing but I for one have always liked what I do and would hate to see it be completely eradicated. I dare say there are many truckers who feel the same. In the meantime I continue to go out cruising around making sure I’m being seen and having fun. That’s what it’s all about. Just milking some good times out of the night and out of whosever penis is in my mouth. Be careful out there everyone. Have fun and if you see me travelling in the adjacent lane some night, jacking off and enjoying myself, dont forget to honk. Dont hesitate to pump your brake lights. And if you're, feeling like you're in need of good head, just pull over at the nearest off ramp. Maybe we can have a good time too.

1 month ago

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    • I always loved jerking off while driving. Put on cruise control and unzip the fly. Never came would always pull over but the idea of being caught made it fun. In my truck I sat up higher so it was nice looking at other people when stopped them not knowing what I'm doing.

    • Drove a big rig for several years, it's amazing how many guys out there want to suck a truckers cock. Bet I had at least 100 suck me good!

    • Great post ! I would've loved to have met you out there.

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