I got a blow job at work

There is this new very sexy woman at work. She likes having fun during lunch time. I'm not her first. My buddy told me about her and I had to try her myself. We went to lunch and then parked by a lake. She sucked me off. It was really fucking hot. I know she will probably suck just about anyone's cock. So is this really cheating ? It's just oral sex. I wouldn't fuck her. One of my co workers said it's cheating. When I said it wasn't he said then you wouldn't have a problem if your wife was performing oral sex on others. I told him no as long as she wasn't fucking them it wouldn't bother me. He thinks I'm not being truthful. He told me to go home and tell your wife about it and let her decide. I don't think this would be the best idea. If my wife was sucking another man's cock I'd rather not know.

1 month ago

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    • I agree. BJ is not cheating
      My husband and I were married during the Clinton-Lewinsky time. We had the same discussion and both agreed a BJ is not cheating.
      My first time was at a training event in Miami. I'd had a glass of wine and got into the hot tube with a co-worker. He was rubbing my breasts and I stuck my hand down his trunks. We dried off and went to his room. I gave him the best BJ I could!
      I know my husband has 'received' BJs. We promised to be open about that. I honestly say I've never had intercourse. I don't know if my husband can say then same but I will never ask or persist.
      I currently work at a Dr's office and secretly give head to the male doctors on staff. I thought some of the young girls would take over my duties but they're all into girls and say they will never suck a guy's penis.

    • Hello Bill Clinton

    • My first apartment in a trendy new complex. In the summer I'd lounge around naked, why not? I was a greenie and cheap back then, hate doing wash.. I'd open the windows and turn off the air. Sat I was snoozing naked while watching TV. I wake when hear a women's voice "OMG" - Wake up startled -- "I don't think they want you watching TV naked in the sample!" She scolds. And she's pretty hot. You're just lucky I'm a nurse and I'm accustomed to seeing naked men!" -- Nurse Nancy, the sample is next door, dummy -- not good at directions I see. I tell her. "OMG I'm am so sorry. You should lock your door." I slip on a pair of gym shorts, Since we'll probably be neighbors -- let's make nice -- how about a cup a coffee. Sure she says. And we joke about meeting the way we did. A month later I see Nancy at the pool, she kills a bikini. We have a nice chat and I ask her to come back to my place for a little private happy hour. She's not dumb, she knows this a nice way of asking her to fuck -- Himmm OK. she says. For 2 years we're FWB. Then some doctor steals her away. Fucking Nurse Nancy 1975.

    • I get a blowjob every Wednesday from a friend of mine who hates her husband. We are in the same gym class. We get coffee, we go to yoga, and then we drive to her house and she sucks my dick. Does my wife know? She knows we get coffee and do yoga. She does not know about the blowjobs and won't ever know. Why? Because I'm not dumb enough to think it's not cheating.

    • Some 20 years ago, during the Clinton-Lewinsky stuff, this issue was the talk everywhere. D's claimed it wasn't sex and R's insisted it was. One happily married coworker started letting us guys know, that as good D's she and her husband did not count oral as sex so she could give head all she wanted. I told my wife.

      After several conversations we decided to try it 'their way,' I was allowed to get oral and my wife was allowed to give. I didn't expect my wife to do much with it as she hates oral. We only went along with this 'experiment' as we were already saving up to move states. We got jobs here right after we both graduated and discovered we didn't like it there after all.

      Getting oral at work felt very naughty and inappropriate. It was also very team building and fun. Soon other coworkers were dabbling similar stuff.

      The married lady at my work was only able to keep it to just oral for three weeks. Her mouth just couldn't keep up with demand so she started putting out. I started to wonder about my wife on this issue. When we compared notes my wife said, "Yup, about the same for me. You know I hate that stuff. I only lasted the week before I found myself begging to be bent over instead." So, sex or not, it makes you feel guilty and leads to full sex and official cheating.

      Funny thing, my wife asked politely if she could continue the 'experiment' until we actually moved. Since I was her first on most everything she had never been a naughty girl or a bad reputation. She was rather enjoying work as it was right now. At the time, I was still getting it from my coworker so I eagerly agreed.

      Not long after that my coworker suddenly stopped 'temporarily.' Temporarily lasted longer than I ended up staying in the state. I wonder if she ever restarted at work and why she stopped.

      When we moved away my wife went back to being wholesome and faithful. We are still faithfully and happily married now

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