Single man with a need to suck a nice hard dick

I always wanted to suck on a mans hard dick ! I’ve tried it a few times but I don’t able to make them Cumm in my mouth ! So I decided to buy a big fat dildo to practice on to suck dick much better then I did before ! Without ga
So after some practice I was able to take the whole dildo down my throat ! While I was sucking on my dildo I was stroking my now hard dick ! And just as I’m about to shoot my load I take my dildo and Cumm all over the head of my dildo and started to lick my Cumm off it thinking that it’s a mans hard dick I was sucking on as it was his Cumm all over it !
I finally found a man to get me suck his dick ! He was d so oft at first but after a few minutes he was rock and in my mouth !
I really enjoyed how good it felt having a mans dick in my mouth getting hard in my mouth!
I started to go all the way down on his dick I wanted to make myself gag but I wasn’t able to gag !
I guess that I had to much practice on sucking on my dildo !
Before I knew it he started to moan I could feel his dick started to pulse inside of my mouth then he started to push his hips up towards my mouth making his dick hit the back of my throat I really loved the feeling of a mans dick in my mouth about to shot his hot load into my waiting mouth ! I could feel every squirt of his Cumm hit the back of my throat the felling was so amazing!
When I was done sucking his Dick he asked me to keep going on him so he can Cumm in my mouth a second time ! And how I was able to make him Cumm so fast so he wanted me to keep sucking on his dick and make him Cumm again so I did what he wanted me to do this time I went really slow like I was making love to his hand dick licking up and down on his shaft and sad sucking on his balls taking them in my mouth one at a time I could tell how much he was enjoying me sucking on his dick and balls his moans started to get much louder and more intense ! I continued sucking on his dick for about 15 minutes I’d even pull him out of my mouth and smack his dick against my face a few times before I put him back into my open mouth and make him Cumm inside of my mouth for a second time ! After I was done with him he asked me to let him suck on my dick of course I let him do it so he got down on his knees in front of me and started sucking on my dick ! But little did I know he started to put his hands on my legs and started to run his hands up my thighs and put one of his fingers into my asshole and started to finger my ass. It was making me get so horny that I was ready to Cumm inside of his mouth so I just let go of my load into his mouth !
The way I was felling with his finger in my ass I wanted him to fuck me right then and there ! He was already hard again ! D as o I told him to get up off his knees and bend me over the side of my bed and put your hard dick inside of my ass and pound away on my ass until you breed me . So he fucked my ass for about 20 minutes straight taking his time with me making me beg him to Cumm inside of my ass ! I already shot my load into my bed sheets from him fucking from behind the harder he was pounding away on my ass the more I wanted for him to go harder inside my ass just as he started to Cumm in my ass he grabbed my hips and rammed into my ass so hard and held himself deep inside me and dumped his load so deep inside of me ! The felling of his dick shooting his load inside of me again I shoot another load on my bed sheets again . This time when we got done we payed down on my bed and almost passed out next to each other!
After that night we became really good friends with benefits!

1 month ago

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    • So, you took him into your open mouth, deep into the open throat, in your mouth, so he could Cumm hot loads, in your mouth, and the non-gagging throat...? Then little did you know,, as he took your cock in his open mouth, he fingered your open ass, got balls deep and shot hot loads into your open ass, while you shot hot loads of Cumm onto your Sponge Bob blankie ? That's awesome, man !

    • Oh, that’s so fuckin’ hot!!

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