My wife and i was visiting cousins one Sunday afternoon in summer and were chatting when i remember something wife had said and my cousin being open-minded maybe she helps out so i just looked at cousin and said it both went quiet then cousin said ok but wants same in return what you thinking well wife Indian and never seen white boobs pink nipples so would love to see one-day poss fondle and suck and cousin said she seen brown nipples so they both got topless and let other look fondle even suck this went on few min when cousin got up and said now real curious and started taken jeans of and looked at wife saying you too dear want see if look feel different there and lied back on the bed now naked and spread her legs saying to wife best get naked and lie here beside me then looking at me saying guess you getting turned on so i to had better strip and give them something look at as we fondled each other wife stopped looked at cousin saying what mean cousin replayed i want rub her clit and finger and her do same back suprisenly cousin cum first and lie still for while and asked wife if enjoy getting pussy sucked and even doing wife said yes love getting never tryed give to another well cousin said she was going get on top and suck her and she can give sucking her ago and as they was getting into postion cousin pointed to me and stand bottom of bed then get on knees between wifes legs then lower herself to start sucking wife few min later cousin raised her head sayig good girl dont worry if its your first time and know what she likes so carry on and with that cousin reached out took hold my cock and spreading wifes pussy with other hand slide cock head into wife then went back sucking rubbing wifes clit watching cock sliding in and out looking up at me asked if wife ok with me cuming inside her i said yes but really enjoys watching me shoot load over her boobs o cousin said yes she like see that so dont cum inside as she also wanted see me shoot load over her boobs well about 5 min said i can feel getting close so cousin got ofb sat beside wife and said he going let both us watch shoot load over your boobs wife smiled and then frirst squirt when cousin reached out taking hold my cock and was rubbing fast and soon more and more cum shoot out me cousin then got up saying got another treat and took this double dildo out pushing half inside herself and move close wife asking tryed tribbing wife nodded head as to say no well cousin got on knees and moved clower sayig we spread legs you put other end dildo in herself that shw started do and we now push ourself on till both pussys rubbing and dildos deep inside and enjoy was a good afternoon but guess that be end of well 3 or 3 weeks later was having evening meal when wife said been shopping with cousin today and at one point pulled changing room curtin aside and how she was bottom less when cosin moved close and trusted her hand between her legs and slide a finger inside her saying how much enjoyed that sunday and lied in bed most nights rubbing herself and when just walked in changing room and gap in curtin hand rush in and enjoy looking over her shoulder saying hope no one walks in as left curtin fully open as she bent wife over and got on her kneens and started licking from behing wife said be quick then and can go home give hubby video call and tease him letting watchg us playng cousin said another time but he can hold cam and asked what he feel like inside you well wife said that easy oped one draws on bed and pulled 2 dildos out saying they had made clones of his so she could try out and take home with cousin asked can i try now wife said yes wht got 2 out so can watch each other and that what did but never been invited video them but they still go shopping togeather

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    • Try scissoring pussies (one white and the other brown) with cousins while you look on or masturbate for them.

    • We have a small sunken barroom in our house, with and open window looking down on the bar. My wife and her GF Dennie sit there and watch TV. Dennie has great tits and wears half push up bra to showcase them (for me) -- as I look down from that window I can see her big fat pink nipples. She usually wears a blouse with 3 buttons open (for my enjoyment) - I lean over forearms on the sill, looking down at her tits, pretending to watch the TV. Dennie knows I'm looking and gives me a faux scolding look.

    • I get that. We were staying a nice hotel. The event center had a wedding. Our 2nd floor hallway looks down at the center. The bide and her bridesmaids had strapless gowns that pushed up their tits. From the 2nd floor 10 of us guys were saying this better than any topless bar. We didn't know each other. My wife walked up and saw what we saw. "boys will be boys" she laughs and goes back to our room -- knowing I'll be in soon to fuck her.

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