I love watching people having sex as I jacking off

I really love waiting people having sex in the same room that I’m in !
I love to listen to them moaning and groaning as they are ducking each other’s brains out !
Even if they are in the next room and can hear them having sex I’ll still get turned on and start to stroke my cock until I shoot my load all over myself! And sometimes I’ll shoot my load into my hand and lick my load off of my hand and swallow my own hot loads !
That’s how much I get horny just by listening and watching people having sex the loader they get the more horny I get!!
Some people may that I’m a pervert but I’m not I’m more of a counter than anything else ! I just love to hear people having tough sex !
Sometimes I’ll join in with them if they want me to !
I don’t really mind to John them having sex as lone as I can d see icky his hard cock and have him bend me over the side of the bed and pound my ass balls deep as I’m eating her pussy !
I have no problem going both ways !
On a man or woman I don’t really care as long as can get him to Cumm in her and myself and we can lick the Cumm off each other’s body’s and swap his Cumm between our mouths !

1 month ago

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    • My college roommate used to bring his girlfriend into our dorm room late at night and fuck her. I would pretend that I was asleep and watch as he got between her legs and she guided his cock into her. When he left to walk her back to her dorm, I would beat off and have a great orgasm imagining that I was fucking her. They broke up after dating for about six months and I immediately asked her out. When I fucked her after our second date she was the first girl that I had sex with. We dated for a year and a half and moved in together after we graduated. We got married two years later. She told me that she knew that I wasn't sleeping and was watching them fuck. She also told me that my roommate was actually the sixth guy that fucked her. She still calls me her lucky seventh lover.

    • Our best friends watched my wife and I fuck in a club parking lot. Hot summer night she had a on a little slut red dress. She was dancing like a poll dancer, couples were encouraging her to strip. She briefly flashed them her big firm tits, then cupped them with her small hands. I slipped her top back on and marched out the door and fucked her in the car. Our friends saw us leave abruptly and thought something was wrong. They watched me fuck like a payday whore. At some point she goes "Bob and Jill are watching" -- and we did like porn stars for them.

    • She sounds like a real keeper !
      I’d love to fuck s girl like that I’m the bed of my pick up truck! Or the back seat of her car she has a small car but I’m sure she’ll be willing to have sex in the back seat of her car in a parking lot ! It’s a good thing that her car has dark tinted windows in the back seat of her car!
      This story reminded me of a meat loaf song paradise by the dashboard lights ! If you ever heard that song you will know that I mean !

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