My friend's wife's ass

My best friend of ten years came to visit with his wife for the weekend. We met up at the mall and we're walking around and catching up since I haven't seen them in two years. His wife took off to look at clothes and my friend was telling me about a trip they had. He was showing me pictures on his phone when she came back to show him stuff when it happened. The next photo that came up was a nude ass selfie. Putting his phone away she gasped as I looked away but had seen a glimpse of her shaved pussy. She smacked my friend and said why do you still have those? He apologized and said that he didn't mean to show me that. She walked off mad and asked me what I thought of her. I said that she doesn't look like she has an ass but I was wrong. He punched my arm and said not what I was asking. We went to get lunch which was awkward when my friend got a business call. He said it would be a bit and left. Finishing lunch we went to the last clothes store and walked around. I'll describe her now. She was 5'11 with decent size boobs and a small ass. She had light blue eyes and blonde hair down to her shoulders and a light yellow dress on. I was looking in the guys section when she came up and asked if my friend would like a skirt she found. It looked nice and she said to come with while she tried it on. Sitting in the dressing room she came out. The skirt was barely down to her mid thigh. She did a quick turn which lifted the shirt and showed her ass for a second. She said she liked it and went up the steps to see in the mirror. Being up higher I could see up her skirt and see that she had on a white thong. Staring she cleared her throat and asked if I liked the view. Blushing I said sorry for looking and she came back down. It's okay she said. Not like you haven't seen it all before. I'm going to go change. Waiting for her to change my friend texted that he would still be a few minutes. Going to another store we were the only ones there besides one girl behind the counter. Walking around she bent over to look at some shoes. Seeing her dress pull up I could see her ass a little. Watching she put her hands on her waist and lifted her dress. She didn't have her thong on and now her pussy was exposed. Hearing her laugh she shaked her ass back and forth and said you can slap it if you'd like. Gently I gave her ass a grab and lightly smacked it. Letting her dress go she went on looking at stuff and smiled at me. My friend came in and had asked if she had found anything she liked. She said it was a surprise. They said goodbye and would see me again before leaving.

1 month ago

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    • Ur going to Fuc

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