Honey Blow Job

Have been married 36 years and to keep things interesting sexually , I asked my wife to tell me three things she wanted to do that we hadn’t done before. She got embarrassed and told me that I was a pervert, but about a month later she brings a small container of honey into our bedroom. Tells me to lay back and enjoy, then starts to slather my cock with honey and lick it off. Honey is sticky as hell and she really starts going at my cock, slurping and licking like I never experienced. Lapped my cock and balls with great enthusiasm, moaning with hunger. Best blow job of my life!

1 month ago


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    • Next time put some whipped cream with that!

    • Thanks, I think:
      My Molly, Bible Club wife, gives the most amazing blowjobs. How did you get so good? Molly says if you really want to know, but don't get mad but I was a rich older man's mistress - he paid for my college, bought me a z28 -- in the summer I was his topless trophy on his yacht -- I loved being a rich girl. He loved blowjob his wife wouldn't do. One problem, his cock was huge. I hand to come up with inventive ways to suck him off. I got so good that's all he wanted. He couldn't get it up to fuck anymore, just my BJ's. After college we part. Your dick is easy to dazzle with what I know. And he's somewhere with a big limp dick and I reformed.

    • Sweet!

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