Erection at the grocery store

Yesterday I stopped at my local grocery store to grab a few items. There was a young lady In line in front of me. she was wearing grey leggings and she had a perfect ass! I was searching for a panty line but could not see one. I snapped a couple of pics off her sexy ass on my phone and as soon as I got to my car I pulled out my hard cock and masturbated to the pics of her ass. I blew the biggest load ever into a McDonalds napkin I had in the glove box

1 month ago


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    • My favorite was getting my haircut by my hot, blonde stylist who worked out of her home. I was in my early 20s and a horndog anyway, but she was blonde, gorgeous, looked like Heather Locklear, and had very long, usually jet-red nails that, when she gave me the scalp massage, sent me up and hard as hell for her. She knew, and one time played it up, telling me if I'd been a few minutes earlier that day (I was usually early, eager to see her), I'd have seen her topless out of the shower.

      She succeeded in getting a further rise out of me, and told me it was ok, and that if I didn't look at her like that at least sometimes, she'd worry about me. Fun thing was that she also knew I loved the scalp massages, so would give them to me longer than the usual haircut took her. As much as I like my current stylist at the chain place, nobody was as hot, sexy, or got me as hard as her.

    • At 19 College part time job at the supermarket I would make out with a late 30's cashier during her break, between my deli customers. She had a killer body and she let me unhook her bra and feel her up real good. One night we had lunch break together and I really got her hot, she got my dick out and gave me a blowjob. After I came in her mouth she fanned herself and quickly made a beeline for the ladies room. We didn't link up again for 2 weeks, thought she might have been pissed I came in her mouth, or embarrassed she blew me in the heat of the moment. One night I'm going on break, she calls me over from her register and whispers "going on break, want your dick sucked?" She told me she ran off that night because she came in her panties and to clean herself up before she when back on. She couldn't have more kids and I would go to her house fuck her bareback, If I slept over she give me a blowjob in the morning, send me off to school with a smile. MY hot GF always made wear rubbers and I'd rater fuck the old girl -- she would say "don't wake me, I'm fucking a young stud in my dream." she really appreciated it. Remembering 1972

    • The first time I took pictures was at my old work. Was a costumer service rep with a few ladies. The couldn't wear skirts due to policy so they mostly wore leggings. I worked night shift so they would be in at seven in the morning all done up with just us till others came. I had morning wood most of the time and worked the counter behind them. My one coworker was a Russian blonde with a small tight ass to die for. I got tired of imagining it in the bathroom and decided to finally take some pictures. I still like looking at them from time to time

    • What policy would prevent skirts but allow leggings? A blouse and ankle hight skirt is way less provocative than leggings by a mile. Hell even knee hi skirts would be better. Pant suits or uniforms would be better. Can't you fucking kids think before you write this crap.

    • A McDonalds napkin was able to hold all that cum? BS. My husband needs multiple paper towels to clean up.

    • Maybe he would fit his load in one napkin if you allowed him to wank more than once every six months.

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