My mother married a queer WTF!

So my father died about 10 years ago and mom stayed pretty much alone. That was until a year ago. She meets this man. As soon as I met the guy and shook his limp sissy hand shake I knew he was light in the loafers. I tried talking to mom but she didn't want to hear it. I asked her what she was going to do on her honeymoon night watch him have sex with another man. She said he was just sensitive gentle man. Everything he kissed her on the lips it made me sick. Knowing this cock sucker was even touching my mother made my skin crawl. So she married him anyway. Yep nothing happened or has happened in four months. She says it's okay she doesn't care about sex. I think this sick fuck is looking for a meal ticket. Plus you know he will be slipping away to have ruedevu with other men. She may be able to go without sex but not this fruit. I'm thinking about hiring a detective to follow him and get the proof to show her. I told her get this marriage anulled. It's not consummated . I hate to see her end up hurt by this sick fuck. Nor does he have the right to think he's going to use my father's money to do the things he does. Nobody should be taken advantage of. I don't have a problem with my mother being with another man. I just want her to be with a heterosexual man. Not some lying queer with an agenda. A friend of mine knows some bikers and I can't say what club but they are known world wide. They would make the problem go away . I hope mom comes to her senses and soon. Before I have to pursue other avenues.

1 month ago


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    • Haha sure sounds like he jealous. You to keep your little fag ass out your mom biz. Unless he beating her shut the fuck up. She can fuck who she wants when she wants. Ps she does give good head.

    • Sounds to me like your jealous, now if it's because you want your moms pussy or her husband's cock is yet to be seen. just walk up and ask them, or stay out of their business

    • Don't worry, your mom is sucking his dick. With the lights off he pretends it's you. I have a good I idea gay guys munch butt, have no problem licking pussy.
      So your worries are over.

    • Have the bikers take care of him then you’ll be sucking dick and getting your asshole stretched for the next 20-25

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