Fucked 5 black men last weekend

I’ve been with a few black guys but that was 18+ years ago. I recently got up the nerve to let a black guy that comes by my office 3-4 times a week know I wanted to suck his dick. He’s always been very friendly with me and I figured what the hell. Why not. It was last Friday and he came in on his usual delivery. He’s semi attractive but has an extreme amount of self confidence and I was certain it’s because his has a huge dick. I said “hello” to him and smiled… a different smile than I typically give. Much bigger and longer. I looked him up and down as to say “I really want you” and he instantly got the message. My heart was racing in fear that he might reject my advance and embarrass me at my office. I must say that what happened next I wasn’t expecting.
He sat down in my office and started talking to me about motorcycles. We both love them and asked me if I’d seen his Harley Davidson. Long story short I found myself at his place that night looking at it. He had two buddies over when I arrived and we went for about a 30 min ride. The whole time I’m fantasizing about his cock. How big it is and if he’ll want me to suck it dry or let him fuck my tight little ass hole. Turns out he wanted both. Lucky me.
We hung out and talked bikes for several hours. During this time what I noticed was he and his two buddies, both black, kept making passes at me. I hadn’t imagined showing up to him and his boys and the situation had me a little intimidated, to say the least. Guessing he sensed that and decided to take control. We were inside his home watching Tv, all three of them were drinking beer and starting to get braver. Out of the nowhere my buddie says to me “what’s the real reason you came over here tonight” to me. I was extremely nervous to respond but managed the courage to smile back at he and his boys. He smiled back playfully and said “that’s what I thought you were here for” and stood up in front of me and unzipped his pants. Just as I’d imagined he pulled out the biggest most beautiful black cock you’ve ever seen and dangled it In front of my face. Now sitting up and full of nervous energy I looked up and him and said “this is why I’m here” and took his cock in my hand and mouth. Next thing I know there were three of the biggest black dicks all around me. I was on my knees sucking this guys huge black dick and his buddies were slapping at my ass and rubbing their dicks on my cheek. The next 3 hours I must have been fucked every which way. They fucked my ass and mouth relentlessly. I took more dick than I ever though possible. I remember one scenario where I was doggie style taking a 10inch dick balls deep and choking on another 8inch black dick thinking I’d died and gone to heaven. It was so much more than I’d ever imagined. Black guys talk shit while fucking and it’s so hot. Telling me to “shut up and keep sucking”. I had my ass slapped so many times is was dark red. They pulled my hair, slapped my ass and abused my throat. I swallowed so much cum that I could taste them the next day. I honestly had no idea an ass hole could stretch that wide. One of these guys had a 10 inch cock that was so thick it would blow your mind. He was bottomed out in my ass for an hour straight!! I came three times in about two hours and the last hour I literally felt like s piece of meat. They fucked me so hard it’s impossible to put in words. My ass just now starting to feel normal again. I literally was waking funny for two days. When I left his house they had all fucked my ass and mouth till they came 2/3 times. Literally said to me “come back next weekend this can be our little secret”. Had to tell someone about my experience…. Any wait to see these men again! Best night of my life.

1 month ago


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    • Can you hook me up it's always been a fetish

    • My wife went to and almost all white all girls college. There was a State College a mile away. She said you were The Queen of Sheba if you had a Black boyfriend. How about you? I asked. She said she came from a small white boring high school. She couldn't wait to date Black guys. I didn't ask but I'm sure she did it with a few. But not 5 in one week. She probably better person for it. You know how you'll be at a gathering of strangers, maybe at the airport. And the white people don't know how to converse with Black people, she fits right in.

    • Baboon Weekend?

    • Five men? I only count three.

    • How lucky you were that three black guys were horny enough to use your mouth and boy-pussy without beating you senseless . I wish you continued luck in your adventures.

    • You sound jealous of her.

    • Nope, not jealous of him.

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