The NFL can kiss my ASS!

Fuck the NFL. They are trying to destroy Mark Davis the Raiders owner for revenge against his dad. They went after poor coach Gruden so they can hold Mark Davis responsible for a bunch of bull shit . Emails can be faked easily . Even if coach Gruden said a few things before he worked for the Raiders so fucking what . Yes you heard that right. Fuck Roger Goodell ! He's the biggest asshole in sports . All he cares about is money nothing else. He is after Mark Davis for sins of the father. He will be trying to kick him out of the NFL and make him sell the franchise. You mark these words. John Gruden was a stepping stone to oust Mark Davis . Back during J.F.K's administration he and his brothers Bobby and Teddy referred to black people by the "N" word . So did a certain senator from Texas who became President after Kennedy was assigned. Lyndon Johnson . He was super bigot. Let's take down their names and scratch from history . Along with Roger Goodell . Suck my asshole Roger you fucking lying cock roach .

1 month ago

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    • Fuck off you piece of white trash shit.

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