My sexy wife's awakening

My wife wasn't a virgin when we met the first time and I quickly discovered that she had quite a sex drive. After dating 2 years we got married and she fell pregnant after 2 months.
While she was looking after baby at home the first 3 months, we engaged in a lot of naughty adventures to spice up our sex life - she even came to pick me at work wearing only sexy lingerie with a robe...
Then at a friend's birthday party she had a little too much to drink and while I was looking after baby outside, she got quite intimate with a guy on the dance floor - if I walked in a few minutes later she would have lost all control.
A few years later she suddenly asked me while we were having sex, how I would feel if another man explored her body....and as I played along she asked me if the guy could enter her - as I asked her if she wanted it, she immediately said yes and started having what I believe was her biggest orgasm to date!
This happened every night for at least 2 weeks and then it stopped.
2 years later she suddenly started to gym and at 33 she transformed into a serious hottie!
But at the same time her work schedule started to pick up and we only saw each other late nights.
Then I discovered her cum soaked panties in the laundry basket after a weekend business trip...
I was shocked but also somehow turned on...
One morning when she left for work quite early I noticed that she had gone back onto the pill (after 10 years?)
I then realized that she was having an was with a work colleague that lasted 11 months!
We managed to work through it, but ever since she was a changed woman!
Lately she has been dressing a little bit naughty and after a few drinks her true sexual desires have blown me away...
And the mention of another man during sex is back...

So I am waiting to see if I will stumble upon her cum soaked panties again.
And I must be honest - again I am starting to almost hope it happens?

1 month ago

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    • You need to tell her and talk to her about it. As hot as cheating is, it's nothing compared to sharing the experience with your partner. The humiliation is what I crave, but I'm a bull at heart

    • I would keep her to myself since it was not what you wanted.

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